How To Produce Toilet Wash Like Harpic In 10 Minutes And Make Money

how to make toilet cleaner in 10 minutesI want to thank you all (EarnBasers) for your contributions, suggestions and advise to this blog ( However, I am particularly indebted to Michael Nosiri (Biggest Bros), Daniel Opara, KennyKing, John and many other loyal readers of this blog – we are getting there.

I have received different whatsapp chat and emails on this particular subject – how to make toilet wash like Harpic. It is true that the market is huge as there is always a need for sanitary anywhere human lives.

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However, we should not forget that there are lots of toilet wash out there that your product will be competing with; that is why you need to pay close attentions to this post if you desire a product that beats other toilet wash hands down.

But before we do into the production proper; I think it is important to know our customers so that we know how to prepare ahead of time. The only place this might not be needed is if you live in the stone age village; which must have denied you access to read this if you were.

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Customers For Toilet Wash – Harpic

  1. BARS
  2. BANKS
  7. HOMES

Start Up Capital

This is one of the businesses you can start with less than 5,000 as at of Nigeria of today and still make over 200% profits. This business is not capital intensive!

Profit Potential

If I must tell you the truth; the profit potential here is huge depending on your market and your production capacity.

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Chemicals Needed With Measurements

  1. Water——————15 Liters
  2. Natrozol ————– 1/3 kg
  3. Caustic soda———-1/2 kg
  4. Soda ash————–1/2 kg
  5. Texapon ————- 1 kg
  6. Surphonic Acid —–1 Liters
  7. HCL——————2 Liters

Primary Agents Are:

  • Water
  • HCL is the most important of them all and it should be in large quantity. HCL, helps to clean and kill germs.
  • Caustic Soda this helps the products to clean.
  • Soda Ash this helps the products to clean.

When I say PRIMARY: I mean without these agents; no productions!

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Secondary Agents Are:

  • Natrozol this helps the products to foam
  • Surphonic Acid this helps the products to thicken
  • Texapon this helps the products to thicken

These agents gives you best result when combined but not a must.

However, if you do not add the secondary agents above; your production may be watery! This is due to the chemical reaction of HCL.

Mind you, it is important you know that you can also make use of BAKING SODA if you wish. The baking soda should be added to water immediately after Natrozol. The Baking Soda should also be 1/2kg!

Steps Involved In Producing Toilet Wash

  • Dilute the Natrozol with 10 liters of water
  • Dilute the caustic soda with 2 liters of water
  • Dilute the soda ash with 3 liters of water
  • Dilute the Texapon + Surphonic Acid WITHOUT WATER (NO WATER!!!). Just mix the two chemicals together (Texapon and Surphonic Acid) together WITHOUT Water
  • Add HCL to Water

(If you want a sweet look, you can omit the soda ash. The end product will just be like an ordinary water, but make sure you label it and keep out of reach of children )

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Method Of Preparation 

  1. Add the Caustic Soda solution to the Natrozol solution and stir properly. Lets call this ‘A‘.
  2. Add the Soda Ash solution (if used) to the solution ‘A‘ above and stir. Lets call this ‘B’.
  3. Add the mixture of Texapon with Surphonic Acid to Solution ‘B’. Lets call this ‘C’.
  4. Then Add the solution of HCL to solution ‘C‘ above and stir slowly  and keep a little distance while mixing.
  5. Package the products for sale or use.

107 thoughts on “How To Produce Toilet Wash Like Harpic In 10 Minutes And Make Money”

    • The concertation level depends on the quality of HCL you bought; the only thing that we do is to at it to water to prepare it for the mixture. But as for the second question; I don’t know.

  1. Please
    The hcl
    The nitrosol
    The soda ash
    The caustic soda
    All this things are we going to dissolve it today and Used it today.
    Or dissolve it today and Used it tomorrow

    • Either ways. You can dissolve today and use or wait till the next day. However, you need to understand that you need to let it dissolve totally; hence the waiting time.

  2. You have been so helpful. Thank you sir. Can I add disinfectant in my toilet wash? If yes, suggest any. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

    • Color and perfume can follow in any order after the other chemicals; just make sure they are the last ingredient to be added.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful knowledge. Please Sir If I skip Soda ash it will be watery or it will come out clear and thick like liquid soap

    • Soda Ash is not a thickening agent; so, skipping it won’t make your Harpic watery. However, the absence of soda ash may reduce the cleaning ability of the production. Except you use more of caustic soda with some other available cleaning agents.

  4. Thank you for the entrepreneur skills shared. Please what can I use to improvise the grinder for home made use of detergent. I mean I there any grinder one can easily locate in the local market to grind the detergent.


    I Await your response.

  5. I get to know earnbase today being the last day in the month of February. I’m very delighted to come across such site. Where do you base pls? Thanks 4 d empowerment.

  6. There is one part of the steps I don’t understand. Please where do we get the water to dilute the Hcl after using up the 15litres of water to dilute natrosol (10litres), caustic soda (2litres), and soda ash (3litres)

  7. Great Recipe and method but when i added HCL,the whole production started overflowing and i lost a reasonable amount of my product because i used 30 liters container. and the foaming continued as i tried to stir

  8. I am really impressed with D’s site its really been helpful.
    Pls if am to produce 15liters what is the measurement to use for a standard production.
    Thanks a bunch.

    • Its a mathematics from the sample. The sample will produce about 20.3 liters. Thus to get each of the ingredients, you divide your total output by the sample. I.e. 25/20.3 = 1.23
      Thus 1.23 x 2 = 2.46.
      Hence you use 2.46 litres of HCL.

  9. Sir please help me my toilet wash is watery. Sobi checked my chemical and I find out there’s no sulphuric acid and texapon inside wat I use. Please sir wat can I do to male it thick. God bless u sir.

    • Thank you sir for empowering us. Pls after using the formula my production came out well. But became watery after few days. Pls went happened and what can I do to make it thick and remain thick for months. Thanks.

  10. Thank you very much for this tutorial.

    Pls are you saying without using Soda Ash the production will be watery and will not draw?

    I followed your steps but did not include soda ash. The production was watery and has some lumps. Pls what do think i did wrong?


    • @Wemimo, I do not understand what you are saying. If you follow the instructions here, there should be no problem. I am not sure you followed my instructions, because this is the same method we use without any fault.

      However, you can send me a video of your product.

  11. I am Dinesh from Thane.india.
    Plz tell me.. What is Natrozol ? What is Texapon ?plz send me ulternate and Chemicals name…

  12. please sir you didn’t mention sls, stpp, colour and fragrance. Don’t we need them in making toilet wash? Thanks Lucy

  13. Nice one. God bless you
    Please what if I want to make for 10litres? And when I want to get the chemicals, am I to tell them I want the measurement for 10liitres? Cos I am not really conversant with the measurement thing. Thanks

    From Lucy

  14. can you please advise on how to make car wash liquid soap? the one goes in to présure can and comes out foam 1 Litre concentrate mix with water gives 50 litres, thank you advance.

  15. 1.Pls,how many liters will the whole toilet cleaner be altogether after production ?
    2. Is the measured nitrosol 1/3kg,1/4,or 1/8kg for the production ?
    What do I do for the outcome production not to be too thick ? Becos I used both the caustic & soda ash in the production.
    Pls reply. Thanks sir.

    • Am sorry, we don’t respond to questions from anonymous any longer. However, if actually, you practice what we have here these questions won’t have aroused.Thanks

  16. Sir… i just want to know how its work..
    If we add HCL And caustic with together both will react with each other and produce Sodium chloride and water…
    HCL + NaOH = NaCl + H2O
    So please could u make it clear to me.. that some secondary agent inhebeat the reaction between both..

  17. Earn base
    Thank you so much
    I did my liquid soap production, bar soap and car wash liquid soap.
    It was really lovely
    Am ready for business

  18. Thank u sir, I really appreciate u sir.
    Please sir,if I want to add baking soda is it inside d same water I pour the natrozol I should pour d baking soda

  19. pls the natrozol when i mix it i saw a paticles under should i pour the particle away or i should use it inaddition with the mixture?

  20. When I was pouring the HCl inside the whole solution just foam up & spread on the floor. Do I have to mix the HCl with water before pouring inside the big bowl with other solution ?
    Pls reply. God bless. Thanks

    • Oh, am sorry about that but you do not need to mix with water. You probably were not careful enough. Just be gentle when you are pouring it.
      Thanks for contacting EARNBASE

  21. please what about the caustic soda, is it going to be added once? Because I had experienced where it was added just once and the whole foamed and wasted. What would you say to that Sir.

    • @Anonymous, I don’t know what you mean by ‘added once’ but if I got you right. Are you trying to say: should we add Caustic Soda, gradually or at once – in rush? If that was your question; you should add chemicals gradually; never you add chemical in a rush or at once. Please, never add any chemical ‘at once’ or in rush!
      I hope this answer your questions. Thanks for visiting

  22. Good day sir
    In One of your post on making toilet soap
    There is an aspect where you said add HCL to water
    Was it a mistake or not
    Is it that HCL is in liquid form

    • Yes sir! HCL is in Liquid form but very strong chemical. That is why you are adding HCL to water to reduce its strength. Is that clear?

      However, it important to know that sometimes your production can be a bit more than 15liters due to the HCL missed with water.


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