How To Communicate With A Foreign Clients In Exportation

how-to-communication-with-foreign-clientsYes, there is a certain way you communicate when it comes to exportation. That is why you see some people finding it very difficult to get a client for export business. However, I am not saying you will get a client immediately or that week if you know how to communicate with foreign clients but honestly it will make your life more easier.

If you see a family with problems every now and then; check the cause of their problem – it’s poor communication system. This is also the main reason why we have more broken homes than ever! If you see/have a company that is stagnant and not progressing as expected; it is poor communication system within the company. Take-it or all leave-it; good communication system is very important in our day to day activities; to a great extent communication determines the success of our life and business activities – exportation is not an exception.

You will agree with me that business language, tone and communication skill is a new different thing from what we use to know. No wonder we have so many people who cannot successfully initiate a business deal with their foreign clients. This is a very common problem among young entrepreneurs.

However, it is important to know that I am not blaming you for inability to initiate a successful business communication system. Instead, I am opening your eye to the need to learn how to start a successful business conversation. That is why today, I shall be doing justice to that in this piece; so, I enjoin you to read till the very last word.

Recently, I have taken deeper look at the mails I received lately; I realized most of these request can be solved by proper business communication skill. It may interest you that the way we discuss with a foreign partner or client or customer is quite different from the way we discuss our day to day business activities. That is why I felt a piece like this is very important.

Quickly, there are some important facts you need to know about communicating with a foreign client. These factors determine your success to a great extent.

5 Facts About To Understand About Foreign Exportation Clients

  1. You need to understand that these people are not in your country and they operate in different economy.
  2. You need to understand that you have different business policies. Like in some countries; people will not do business with you without your Tax Identification Number, NEPC e.t.c
  3. You need to understand that these people speak different language from you; in most cases we all have different mother tongues.
  4. Make it short! You also need to understand that not every client can read English correctly.
  5. Time factors! You need to understand that we all operate at different time frames.

These above facts must be cleared to you before anything else!

Let me show you what I mean. Recently, I tried initiating a deal with a client and I got him in less than 10 minutes. Here is our conversation…


The KEY? Go straight to the point and make it brief, simple and clear! I know you have questions to ask; please drop your questions as comments bellow. I hope this helps someone today.

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  1. You are very correct bad communication, i mean wrong usage of words definitely destroys relationships. E.g. phone calls are answered not picked. but that is how we say you did not answer my call in Nigeria. That is so sad.


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