How to Make Quality Liquid Soap In 60 Minutes

liquid soapThere are so many reasons why you will like to acquire this skill. It might be to earn extra income, or to save your earnings; or to get the quality you deserved. Whatever might be your reasons; I want to tell you that you are in the right place.

Making liquid soap is one thing, while making a quality liquid soap is another thing. Liquid soap is used for different purposes; from washing ditches to washing clothes and many more.

You will remember that I promised to teach you my two best methods to making liquid soap. Though, there are so many methods for making liquid soap but this is my favorite. Because, it is fast and the end product is usually very beautiful.

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Before I go into details. Let me quickly clear the air on some questions people have been asking me lately. You will remember that there are almost eight chemicals used in making liquid soap. But the truth is that you do not have to use all the eight chemicals. You can decide to use more of Sulphonic Acid instead of using Laurel Rice. In case, you don’t have the chemicals and their measurements offhand. Let me quickly run through them again.

Please Note that the measurement below is for 25 liters production

Chemicals Needed For Making Liquid Soap And Their Measurements

  1. STPP – Cleanliness and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  2. Caustic Soda – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/16 ) [Though nobody will sell that quantity to you. This is because the smallest quantity you can buy is 1/4. So, divide that 1/4 into four portions and use one portion and keep the remaining three portion. PLEASE NOTE: Too much of this chemical peels your hand]
  3. Natrosol – Cleaning and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  4. Soda ash – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  5. Sulphonic Acid – Foaming Agent (Measurement 2 liters)
  6. Laurel Rice – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You can do without this chemical. Just add 1/2 liter to your Sulphonic acid quantity]
  7. Texapon – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  8. Formalin – Preservative Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You don’t have to use all this chemical; 2capsp of Eva table water will do. Formalin is a harmful chemical; it causes cancer if abused. So, use with care – very small quantity will not harm though.] Or [better still you can use Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid, and Sodium Benzonate.]
  9. Coloring (Measurement 
  10. Perfume (Measurement 

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Steps In Making Liquid Soap In 60 Minutes

  1. Soak small quantity of caustic soda is a bowl (bowl 1) with some water.
  2. Soak the Soda ash in a different bowl (bowl 2) as well.
  3. Soak the STPP in another bowl (bowl 3) too.
  4. Soak the Laurel Rice/Rice in another bowl (bowl 4) ; making a total of four bowls.
  5. Get a bucket (bucket 1) and pour Sulphonic acid and the Texapon into it. You can stir the mixture so that the Sulphonic acid will dissolve the Texapon.

Take a break of 30 minutes for all the chemicals to dissolve. You can also stir anyone of them to aid its .

  1. Now get a big bucket that can contain 30 liters of water, and fill it half way with clean water.
  2. Then gradually pour the Natrozol into the big 30 liters bucket and stir gently as if you are making AMALA.
  3. After that pour the small bowls on after the order respectively into the Big bucket containing Natrozol. That is bowl 1 before bowl 2 then bowl 3 before bowl 4.
  4. Remember the bucket 1? Now pour the content of bucket 1 in the Big bucket containing all other mixture and stir. You are going to stir continuously for like 10 – 15 minutes.
  5. After that, add little quantity of Formalin for preservative. Remember too much of this chemical is dangerous. Besides you can do without it.
  6. Add some color and stir for some minutes… like another 5 minutes
  7. Add some perfume and stir for another 5 minutes

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Now you can start using your liquid soap right away. It might not look clean immediately after production; you might see some small small burbles in it but this make way after some hours like 24 hours.

Please, drop you comments bellow let me know if this method is clear or better still if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks so much for this, it was helpful please I noticed that when my soap settles, it has white particles beneath and overtime it becomes white what could be the cause

  2. Thank u sir for this tutorials. Pls this my first time of been here, I want to know what will be the quantity of the final production, as I write now have bought chemicals but on trying check on producing a quality soap I saw my self here. Pls i wanted to produced 25 litres of liquid soap but from the measurement u gave the chemicals are not complete so I intend to produce half of this, cos I may not have enough to make it up and the prices of chemicals has increase in my location, n u know I have to make some profit. Thank you God bless u awaiting ur prompt response.

  3. Good afternoon sir……
    Thanks for the good work u r doing here.
    Sir,if want to make 50liters of liquid soap,should i just double the measurement above or there is a measurement of chemicals for it.thanks sir
    Really waiting for your reply cos am at the chemical shop.

  4. Thank you for this post. My soap is not active using, turns to water within seconds. Can I add more sulphonic acid to make it more active or what should I do.
    I didn’t follow the measurement here though, I went to market and told them I want to make 25lt and I was sold the ingredients but I think the sulphonic acid is not enough. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you. Thank you for this post. My soap is not active using, turns to water within seconds. Can I add more sulphonic acid to make it more active or what should I do.
    I didn’t follow the measurement here though, I went to market and told them I want to make 25lt and I was sold the ingredients but I think the sulphonic acid is not enough. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

    • @AkinHappy, First of all, you need to understand that Sulphonic does not prevent your soap from turning to water. So, adding more sulphonic is actually not the issue. However, if you soap is too light; I mean watery, then you may need to add some sulphonic acid. if I may ask, do you use any Natrozol? If yes, any preservatives?

  5. Please i dnt hv texapon here,can i mix sulphonic acid and foam booster before adding it to the chemicals,or should i dilute the sulphonic acid in water?

  6. Great work is being done here. I thank God I found you! I will keep to the instructions given to get a desired product result. I reside at Ibadan. What will it cost me to get all the ingredients for 25 litres of liquid soap way billed to me here in Ibadan?

  7. This is beautiful..! I love it. Is indeed a great job, but please oo what is the exact quantity to use for making of let’s say 10 litres of liquid soap. urgent reply pls

  8. Thanks for your tutorial,Is the quality of the soap vary depending on the quality of the chemicals ?or all chemicals have standard quality through out the world?

  9. Great soap making tips!
    I inadvertently added a little too much of caustic soda to my liquid soap mixture and my palms are scaling off as a result.
    Is there any remedy? How do I neutralise it? I really do not wish to pour away 30liters of liquid soap! Thanks

    • @Mary, you may have to do another liquid soap with lesser amount of caustic soda, then mix with the already produced soap. That is the best option ma.

  10. Hello sir i produced25litres liquid soap for dishes on Wednesday it’s was good i left it for 24hours before packaging n i have started selling but what do i need to add to make it more foaming like morning fresh

    • @Opashi Laura, simply follow the above instructions, and you will be safe. However, you can come to any of our training, where you get a clear and detail instructions on how to make a winning liquid soap.

  11. Thanks earnbase for this tutorial. Please with this method and the above chemical. Can the soap be used to wash plate cloth and car. Do you sell this chemical if yes how can I get and how much is the cost. I based in Ibadan

  12. Good p.m earnbase weldone and thanks for all dis tutorial pls i made my soap today using ur method and d production was amazing and also i learnt while producing but it was tjick after production so i added water and it became watery pls how can i correct it. Thanks

  13. Please. I. Need. The. Procedure. Of. Liquid. Soap. Using. Texapon. Extrafoam. Arabicgum. Sodiumbicarbonate. Colourant. And. Ambi perfum. With. It’s. Chemical. Formula

  14. Hai ,i was planning to start a small cleaning product company and I saw your blog it was very helpful
    Thank you very much you are helping me a lot and another doubt is I saw your liquid soap for washing cloth is that same as surfexcel detergent gel please tell me

  15. Thank you for doing this good job for many of us
    Pls, I have been having challenge with getting quality chemicals, my liquid soap ends up becoming cloudy, (I mean it is not clear like d ones I see in d market) and at times d colour and odour change. Please I need ur advice.

    • Yes! This is because Laurel Rice and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Powder (SLS) are FOAMING AGENTS. You can decide to use either of them or use them in combination like we do. Why not register for our UPCOMING HOME PRODUCTS PRACTICAL TRAINING ON THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY 2018 – DON’T MISS IT!

  16. Hello. I have a few questions about this recipe. Do you add some water to the bowls with the STTP and soda ash like you said to do with the caustic soda and how much water? Do you know if these ingredients available in other African countries? I am interested in a liquid soap making recipe that can be used in many countries. Thank you.

    • @Alana, PLEASE NOTE – NEVER YOU ADD WATER TO CHEMICAL, YOU CAN GET BURNT!!! ALWAYS ADD CHEMICAL TO WATER!!! Quoting your words “Do you add some water to the bowls with the STTP and SODA ASH?” NO!!!! I added the CHEMICALS TO WATER!
      As for the amount of water needed, any amount that is enough to miss the chemical is enough. You know when you want to drink GARI, there is no measurement; you just get enough water to cover up the GARI. In case you don’t still understand; you can use 50cl for each chemical. Thanks for visiting earnbase!

  17. Thanx so much EarnBase for your tutorial. It’s quite easy to understand. Well appreciated.
    Pls I was given only 50cl (half liter) of sulphonic acid to use for 20/25liters liquid soap production in d chemical shop I went to buy chemicals. Pls I want to know if this is enough. I’m currently in Gombe & the measurements I learnt in Ilorin says 1litre of sulphonic acid & my productions have been perfect. By the way, below are my measurements for other ingredients:
    Nitrosol ¼kg
    STPP 6tablespoons
    SLS ¼kg
    Caustic soda 3tablespoons
    Sulphate 6tablespoons
    Texapon ¼kg
    Preservative 2tablespoons
    Perfume & colour. As desired
    Thanx in anticipation of your response soon.

  18. Earn Base for this tutorial. Am very happy to visit your site. What will it cost to buy chemical for 80 liters sent to Rivers State. And how can I contact you on phone. Please it’s urgent. Remain blessed!

  19. Hi, this is a great tutorial you have given to so many people free of charge on a platter of gold, my God will reward you greatly.
    My question is, what quantity of water should be used to soak those chemicals in step one to four.

  20. Hello Earn base, I am a bit confused with the measurements. When you say 1/4 is it in cups or what? Is it possible to convert the quantities to weights?

  21. This is extremely helpful. Followed this steps and got my result….its thick, consistent, soapy, foamy… But I think it’s a little harsh on the hands what do I do

  22. Hello thanks so much for the great work.
    Kindly help me in the procedures for Methylated spirit
    Ethanol mixture you find out Ethanol is very expensive.
    How can it be mixed to get the solution



  23. Good day. Thank you for the knowledge and information. Please my soap is not foaming. What do I do to remedy that. Thank you.

    • Please, can state the steps and chemicals measurement used. If you use what you have here you can’t have that problem please.

      Anyway, just add more foaming agents!
      Thanks for visiting earnbase

  24. Hello Sir
    Nice to learn from you

    I just would like to know
    Q1) How much citric acid need to be used if you want to replace formalin with citric acid
    Q2 ) What should be the Ph value of the liquid soap
    Q3 ) Is is absolutely safe to you if for hand wash purpose
    Q4) In terms of quality which is better Liquid soap through chemicals or through castor oil , coconut oil stc


  25. Good day. Thank you for the info. Its great learning from you.I made my first soap this morning after visiting your site for the first time on Thursday. I followed all the steps but i forgot to divide the caustic soda into four parts. My soap is ready now but the alkaline level made it too harsh and causes skin irritation. Please what can I do to reduce the effect of the caustic soda. Help me so that the soap won’t waste. Thank you.

    • As the soap was already formed. The only solution is to add some level of water. Please, make sure you don’t add too much; so you don’t make the soap watery.

  26. Goodday, Thank you so much for sharing this info. Its really great having to learn from you. i made my first soap this morning having visited your site for the first time on Thursday but i forgot to divide the caustic soda into four halves as you instructed and my soap turns to be too alkaline and irritating on the skin (hand). Please what do you think i can do to neutralize the effect of the caustic soda. i will appreciate you help so that my soap wont be a waste.

  27. Thanks very much for sharing what some people keep as secret. Pls I am confused in the way u started, did u allow the nitrosol to thick before adding the bowl 1-4, or did u just add it into the 30 liters bowl containing water and started adding those bowl 1-4
    Another thing I want to know is, what is Laurel Rice? Is it the same as SLS.
    Again what is lid gel

  28. Thanks for this, you are putting food on so many peoples table. Please I want to ask is all the measurements in litre. Thanks

    • @Abito,I am happy you liked what you read. Please, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss our update.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

    • Yes! But you will be responsible for our transportation and the chemicals we will use for the training.
      Usually when people do this they charge their members a token to take of those expenses sir.
      However, the choice is yours sir!

        • @Sunday, you will be responsible for the accommodation sir but not the feeding. This is because we are coming over because of you and the program was FREE.

          • Is now very clear sir, again how many Earnbase members will be coming for the training?

            Again how much will the chemicals for the five things that I mentioned cost? (DETTOL, VASELINE, CUSTERED, BAR-SOUP AND LIQUID SOUP)

            Also how long is this training going to last?

          • @Sunday, just one person will be coming from EARNBASE sir, and the cost of the chemicals to produced the above will cost you nothing less than 25,000 sir.
            However,am sorry, for responding late to this comment.
            Thanks for being a LOYAL reader sir

  29. Sir am now very happy the way you carefully answered me this questions, once again may the All Knowing God Bless You for being there for somebody like me. Amen
    Am also very shock when you say you can come over if there’s large number of people,
    Sir I must be sincere there’r over 30 persons in the Church were I worship who are willing or whom I no will be willing to be trained also, and people that are outside the church were I worship that will also be interested
    Sir if Truly is possible coming over as if said, how do we need to prepare? What do we need to put in please? And when will you be chanced to come over?

    • @Sunday Joseph, 30 people is a large number of people to affect positively! More so, I am happy we are now on the same page. However, kindly do me a mail on your request to invite us over to River State and I will respond accordingly. Thanks for making effort!

  30. Its well sir, but that is not actually were am heading to, what am looking for is how to get to you(EARNBASE) and not how much the chemical cost for now, my reason of seeking to get to you is because there many things I desire to lean and not liquid soup, and again, sincerely tell me how much it will cost me, so you can impact the knowledge to me, then in the area of the chemicals,
    No 1, am in Rivers state and I don’t no were to go and ask for the mentioned chemicals here in Rivers,
    No 2, I don’t no what to buy and use for the measurement, I don’t no if its a cup or bottle or plastic robber, or better say! What will I use for measuring the chemicals, what is the name and were will I go and buy it?

    • @Sunday Joseph, thank you for clarifying the issue sir. In respect to your questions:
      1. How to get to where EARNBASE is:
      The only way to get to us is to come down to our Office Address at “No 476, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, General Bus Stop, Ojokoro” of we come to your state. Yes, we can come to your place if you have a large number of audience that we can teach; the good thing is that our training is FREE!!!
      2. Where can you get chemicals in River State?
      Honestly, we can say specifically where to get these chemicals in River state but we are certain you can get the chemicals at any major market. just do some asking and you will be surprise with the answers you will get.
      3. What are the measuring medium used?
      There are basically two types of measuring tools:
      – weighing balance e.g scale
      – measuring cup; you can always get this from the plastic sellers.
      I hope I have been able to answer your questions to an extent sir.
      However, please let us know if there is anything else.
      Thanks for visiting

  31. Greetings beloved EarnBase am very much happy and inspired by this, but I have being asking questions not only on how to make this liquid soup but also other things, but I have not being receiving answers even when I ask how much it will take me still no reply it hurts me so much. Please I need answers. God bless

    • @Sunday Joseph, it is unfortunate to hear that we made you feel that way; honestly, we are very sorry! Actually, the price of making the above liquid soap changed drastically over time; that is why it was difficult to give you a particular price. At the moment, the chemicals for the above liquid soap costs you nothing less than 4,100. I hope you understand sir; recession is affecting the price of chemicals too. lol

    • @Gisele, the salt will eliminate the drawing quality in your liquid soap. You know if you produce liquid soap it draws. So the present of salt will reduce if not eliminate the draw effect.
      However, this should be use in small quantity.
      As for your second question; I don’t understand what you mean by urea.
      I hope have been able to helo someone today.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

  32. i thank you much for sharing your knowledge it is a blessing to me am in RD Congo,where i stay we do not have all those chemicals, the liquid soap i made i used caustic soda,soda ash,texapon and salt. but after few days it has changed the color and small forming what can i do? thanks.

    • @Gisele, did you use formaline? I think, you are getting that result because you did not use any preservative.
      Hope to hear from you.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

  33. Hi,been enjoying ur write ups,but av little challenge n need ur assistance,made my liquid soap yesterday n discovered dat d caustic is a bit much n want to find out if l can add protein n dilute little citric acid to help reduce d strength of d caustic n also reduce d pH dat is reading 9 so as to make it multipurpose bc l av already added glycerin, pls reply asap, thanks sir

  34. I love u page and will really aappreciate if u can give tips or names of material needed for medicated and beauty liquid some thanks stay bless

  35. BTB.
    This is my first time here.
    Thank you for sharing. I actually used this method for my students last year and within an hour the soap was ready and bottled the following day. It was really good and I still have some of the soap as I’m typing in perfect condition.
    These was the materials used: (for 50L which actually made like 80L): 3L sulphonic acid, 1/2kg Texapon, 1/2kg lid gel, 1/4kg Rice, 1/4kg Caustic soda, 1kg Soda ash, 1/2L Natrosol, 1/2kg STPP, (1/4kg Cristo and 1L glycerine as anti-bacteria), colour and perfume.
    I went back this year to the chemical shop where I got the above materials and this is what was sold to me to make 40L (since I didn’t go with the above list)
    1/4 kg soda ash, 1/4kg Natrosol, 1/4kg Caustic soda, 1/4kg STPP, 1/4kg Rice, 1/2L Texapon, 1/4L Glycerine, 1/4L Formalin, 1/4L Phonon, 2L Sulphonic acid perfume and colour.
    I’m yet to make the liquid soap because of the inconsistency of the two materials.
    Please what is your advice?

    • Good to have you here first timer!!! As for your questions; I honestly believe these chemicals will give you the same production because the difference in chemicals are not too much. Secondly, you can measure out the needed chemicals if you want the exact measurement with the previous one. But honestly, I think it makes no BIG difference.
      However, I don’t know if have asnwered your question. Please, kindly let me know your view; if there is need to clear the air on some issues.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

  36. This is my first time of visiting this blog and i am so glad I did. This particular article is the simplest I have read online…simpler and more comprehensive than the 2 videos you uploaded.

    I will soon try it out and give you feed back.

    Thank you.

  37. Please in some books I have read, it was stated that the caustic soda, SLS, Soda ash, and STPP should be soaked over night before production is that true? And please some one told me to add Silicate to the materials needed for liquid soap what can you say to that? Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    • @ Mercy, as for your question whether SLS, caustic soda and the likes should be soaked over night – it’s NOT TRUE! Though, there may be some method that requires soaking of chemicals overnight but honestly it does not disturb your production in any way.

      As for your second question, whether to add silicate to liquid soap. Please, there is no need as you must strife to reduce chemical in soap and not to add un necessary chemicals to your production. As a matter of fact, Silicate has nothing to do in liquid soap. I hope this helps?

      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE.

  38. thanks for yr tutorial. pls I already made liquid soap but observed k have added too much formalin.pls what can I use to correct this mistake

  39. This Is So Fantastical.
    I Have Really Learnt Alot From All These Tutorial
    May God Bless U $ Keep Flourishing Ur Business Amen.

    • @Nneka, amen! May God bless you too. Thanks for visiting Earn Base. We promise to bring you more money making skill for FREE.
      Hiwever, if there is any skill you wish to learn and we are yet to teach here on Earn Base. Please, just drop such skill here as comment and we will swiftly do something about it.
      Thanks once again!!!

        • @Peter, thank you for visiting earn base. I hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to make liquid soap?
          However, please do let me know if there is any topic, subject or skill you like to know about, and I will make sure I supply you the needed info ASAP.
          Thanks once aganin


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