How To Make Insecticide That Sells Like Crazy In 10 Minutes

how to make insecticideYes! You heard me right! This process should not take you more than 10 minutes; else you are SLEEPER DEFIA. lol But if you are from RUSSIA like most of us; this should not take you more than 10 minutes. Ok, let say you like to take your time; it must not be more than 30 minutes MAX. if it’s more than 30 minutes you are doing something wrong. What is an insecticide? And why is it an HOT product if done right?

You will remember that the number one killer disease is Africa and Nigeria as a whole is Malaria ; which is caused by Mosquitoes. There  was even one Malaria drug advert that says: “Kill mosquito before it kills you”. That is to tell how serious the issue of mosquito is getting in my country. Besides, mosquito is not the only insect killed by an insecticide; it can kill any type of insect. If done right; it kills ants, cockroaches, bed bugs – you don’t know bed bugs? Ask Unilag student! lol. In a nut shell, an insecticide is a substance used for killing insects.

Why is Insecticide an HOT product? 

Insecticide is HOT because it does more than killing mosquitoes. You will agree with me that there are better ways to prevents mosquitoes. Some are natural while others are artificial, but the good news is that most of this method do not disturb or affect other insects. Eg. Using a mosquito net might prevent you from mosquito bit but not from BED BUG; you know? Keeping your environment FREE of stagnant water might prevent mosquito but not … CORRECT – Bed Bug!Sniper

Chemicals Needed For Making Insecticide That Sells In Market

  1. D.D Force/Mulvap
  2. Sniper
  3. Industrial Camphor
  4. Formalin
  5. Kerosene
  6. IPA
  7. Color
  8. PerfumeMulvap

Chemical Measurement To Make Good Insecticide (5 Liters – 8 Liters; Depending on how strong you want it to be)

Industrial Canphor

  1. D.D Force/Mulvap ———- (The picture size)
  2. Sniper ——————  1000g (The size of the picture here)
  3. Industrial Camphor – ——- 2g
  4. Formalin——————— 1/2 (But use 1/16. If Formalin is much; it will pepper one’s eye. That is why you see some insecticide affecting someone’s eye after use)
  5. Kerosene——————– 5 Liters
  6. IPA ————————- 1/2 Liter
  7. Color ———————— As Desired (Not a Must anyway)
  8. Perfume ——————– As Desired (Not a must though)


Steps On How To Make Insecticide That Sells Like Crazy

We shall be using MULVAP in our example because D.D Force was not available at this time. You can always use either of the two.

Step 1: Pour the Kerosene into a bowl BIG enough to allow you to stir

Step 2: Pour all the Industrial Camphor into the Kerosene for at least 30 minute or more before production. This is to enable it devolve properly in the Kerosene.

Step 3: Carefully pour the Mulvap into the kerosene

Step 4: Carefully pour the Sniper into the kerosene too

Step 5: Add all the IPA

Step 6: Add Perfume to satisfaction

Step 7: Add Color to satisfaction

However, make sure you already dissolved the color in water before adding it to the solution.

Please, leave your questions or suggestions below.

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  1. Thanks my dear the truth is that I was into it before, but just forget it a little so my question is that am making one liter just to use at home before selling it what measurement am I go to use please

  2. I’m interested to start up this production but for a start, how much will be the minimum start up capital.

  3. Thanks for the information but DDVP i.e dd force ,sniper and Mulvap there all same blcs they are the main active ingredient. Thanks bro.

  4. Hi Earnbase, thank you for sharing.

    Mulvap, D.D Force and Sniper are not available in my location. Can you recommend other substitutes?

    Best regards,
    Kevin A.

    • This is a clear sign that you simply did not foloow the instruction on this page. We know some of you went to other blogs to copy their recipe, and come to earnbase for solution when you run into problem. Unfortunately, we don’t correct other people’s recipe. If you want to produce effective product; just follow the steps in this post, and if you still run into problem; then, you may need to register for our training on household production. Thanks

  5. Would Using water as a base/carrier instead of kerosene give a good result in killing insect and in the shelf-life of d product…

  6. It is not that too effective. Pls can I add nopest and camphor directly to it or should I produce another and mix it up with the precious one

  7. Good morning, pls I produced 10ltrs of insecticide, after my production, I forgot to cover it. Will it still be effective? can I add more of nopest and camphor to my already produced insecticide or can I produce another and mix it with the precious one?

  8. Thanks 4 dis wondaful post, u supply nationwide chemical 4 production, how long will it take u 2 supply me chemical at asaba, delta state? And what is d cost of production apart 4rm kerosine?

  9. Wow……… Thanks to you all…. What a beautiful write up, please where is your office located? I stays in Lagos @ earnbase

  10. Formalin is mostly used for its preservative property and nothing more that’s why a little quantity as much as 1 or 2 cap full for a 10 litre production will do. Considering that most of these other chemicals have it in them.
    Formalin’ purgent smell is one of its physical property and had nothing to do with it killing insects.
    My last production was terrific in every way. 10 litre kero, 2 bottles of concentrate- nopest, ⅛ kg camphor, 2 cap full of formalin …

    • Thanks for your contribution, it’s unfortunate you have this experience. Meanwhile, I agreed with your opinion about formalin. However, it is clear you did not follow my instructions, with the measurements you pasted above.

      You see, before I poeta anything here, I make sure they are things have done, and tested. Besides, we have others who have followed my tutorial here and got an excellent result. Moreover, EarnBase is putting up a practical training by 10th of February next 2018, please find the te to join us. It promises to be an awesome training – trust me.

  11. Thank you for the info, but after making it, I discovered that the kerosene does not mix, there is this separation I see I the bottle, what can I do to avert this. Thank you.

  12. i believe this idea will take the phase of my business in services and running of errand a different shape, bcause we are equally on formigation thanks alot, i appreciate, Favour Errand Services. Odam Terry Okwari.
    [email protected]

  13. Am glad to have come across this information, nice work. My question is since camphor is already in the list of chemicals to be used in d production, would it be wise not to use formalin at all since nafdac frawn at it use in making insecticide like u said.

    • @mark,Formalin has an insecticidal properties and was formerly used to disinfect surgical rooms.

      So even DDVP which is the active ingredient of your formulation degrades relatively slow in petroleum product like Kerosene.

      Meaning that it can still be effective even up to 8 months. The role of Formalin would have been to act more potency to your products but sadly it has a high rate of toxicity which most Environmental regulatory bodies have banned.

      Unfortunately, you cannot leave out formalin in this production.

      This was sent in by Aniefiok Okon.

      @Okon, thanks for the enlightenment.

  14. Though your info was superb I sense that you were evasive in giving out correct ratio. You want them to do trial and error.

    • @Aniefiok, what is evasive about this tutorial for crying out loud! You think I came here to waste my time? I am a very busy person and don’t have such time to waste!

      However, the information here is enough for any serious minded person as we have been receiving lots of testimonies. So, if you need further training or practical session then you can come to our office.
      Meanwhile, I will appreciate if you are mindful of the way you spitefully conclude on people’s work.

      Thanks all the same for visiting EwrnBase

  15. Thanks very much for the vital information on insecticide production.
    Pls I have one question to ask.
    What exactly is the ratio of each Chemical to b used to produce a very strong insecticide.

  16. Thanks for this piece, about the most detailed information I have come across, as par insecticide production. Can one leave out formalin in the process?

  17. This is great piece. Please I have this questions to ask:
    1. What exact ratio of kerosene, snipper, camphor will give me a VERY STRONG insecticide that kill mosquito, cockroach,ants, including SPIDER?
    2. What is the role of Isopropanol (IPA) in the production of insecticide?
    3. Based on the formulation stated, what quantity can be produced and how much can someone sell a 100ml size to make a profitable business in insecticide?

  18. Thanks Samson, but if d.d. Force, Mulvap and Sniper are added, will it not be more active. Also, is’nt Formalin more stronger than Camphor in terms of hashness?

    • @Mike, you may be right sir, but dont forget we need a product that is effective and not just a mixture.

      However, you don’t have to use all the dd force and the rest. Two combination of any of those chemicals will be fine sir.

      Moreso, Formaline is not good for health as it causes cancer; that is the more reasons why you should avoid it where not necessary and if you must ise it; please use a small portion.

  19. IPA… is Iso propy alcohol. its a readily available solvent of alcohol family with three carbon chain. its the major component of most cosmetic and pharmaceutical product, like facial cleanser, methylated spirit etc.
    pls note that formalin is has a carcinogenic effect on humans, therefore Nafdac frowns at the use of in insecticide. it has no insecticidal properties, it only increase the harshness of the product. this can be taken care of by camphor. all u need do is to increase the quantity of camphor. note also that DD force, mulvap and sniper are the same thing. they are pyrethiod of organophosphate family. any of them can be used or mixed together if one choose.. they are the main active agent of any insecticides… whether local or foreign ( can ones). dissolving color in water before adding… is not a good SOP. the ratio of kerosene to other chemicals in this formulation will surely give an excellent product but at what cost. if people can’t afford what you produced. you have not produce… better SOPs, cGMP and batch formulations are needed for optimum production…….

    • @Chuckwu Samuel, you are the best for this awesome comment. You talk with much passion and conviction. You have spoken well my brother.
      However, I am convince to give you a gift. Not because you commented but because your comment was very helpful to other.
      Please, send me a mail in respect to this or call 08060023272.
      Once again; I say thank you Samuel for this useful comment.

    • @ChukwuSamuel, l love you for the further explanations of this insecticide making. You got an excellence insight.


    • Victor, thanks for finding this information very useful. Actually, I do not know if IPA has another name, but I will help you to ask from a chemical dealer. Though,IPA is the common name we know.
      I hope this answered your question?
      Thnaks for visiting Earn Base


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