How To Produce Goya Anointing Olive Oil

goya-oilYou will agree with me that some people don’t remember the number of Goya bottles they already bought between January and now. Although, there are different ways you can use the Goya Olive Oil; one of its popular use is for prayer. You will understand this properly if you are a christian; this is because there is barely a church in Nigeria who don’t use Goya Olive Oil for anointing and deliverance.

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One of the simplest thing you can learn to produce among the home use is the Goya Olive Oil. Aside from the fact that it’s simple in production; it’s also the cheapest. In fact, you can product with less than 1,000 even in this recession time.

It is true that the country is indeed hard and every phase of business is affected. That is why it is a crime if you are idle at this Time. Remember, this is the end of the year and religious activities will become rampant that the usual. That’s the more reason why you should consider this for a business.

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Goya Anointing Oil or Goya Olive Oil, requires just two ingredients which are: Paraffin Oil and Color. More so, you need to know that the paraffin oil we are talking about is not ‘kerosene’. It is the Medicinal liquid paraffin, also known as paraffinum liquidum, is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes. This is a UK definition (British Pharmacopoeia) and the term may have different uses in other countries. The cosmetic or medicinal liquid paraffin should not be confused with the paraffin (or kerosene) used as a fuel.

What Are The Uses Of Goya Olive Oil

There are so many uses of this particular product – Goya olive oil. Few of which are…

  1. For religious purposes.
  2. For cooking; yes, Goya olive oil is use for cooking. Though, not all Goya olive oil can be use for cooking because it has a very low smoking point.
  3. It is excellent for salads and for marinating.

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Ingredients Needed For Producing Goya Olive Oil

There are two types of Paraffin Oil:

  1. Off white Paraffin Oil
  2. White Paraffin Oil (This is the one we need because it’s edible – you ca eat this oil)

There are two types of colors:

  1. Water base color (these are colors that be can mix with water)
  2. Oil base color (these are colors that can be mixed with oil)

It is important to know the base of the color you are working with.

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How To Produce 1 liter Of Goya Olive Oil

Step 1: Get 1 litter of paraffin oil (you can get this from EARNBASE)

Step 2: Get an oil base color Yellow (You need a pinch of the color – a very small amount just to add the yellowish color)

Step 3: Package for sale

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  1. Thanks a million for this info. God bless you ma/ sir. But what is the difference between the bottle and plastic goya sir /ma?

  2. I did it but it looked lighter than the one I have in my house before. Pls tell me what to do or add to make it thicker like the one in the market. Thanks.


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