How to Package Your Products For Exportation – Part 8

Ijebu Garri AmazonYes, I know some of you do not know that Garri is sold on Amazon. This is to tell us that the market is huge and booming. This is Nigeria, where Garri is seen as poor man’s food!!!

I remember when I was in school. One of the food stuffs that students love to share is Garri. In fact, some of in Lagos can travel home and get almost one bag of Garri for FREE!!!

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How to Write a Winning Proposal For Exportation In Nigeria – Part 6

winning proposal 1Great!!! You made it to this post. Today I shall be talking about how you can write a winning proposal after you have the contacts of foreign buyers.

How to Get Contacts of Foreign Buyers

You Can Get Contacts From

  1. Business 2 business website (i.e b2b)
  2. You can ask your friend or relative abroad to get you some lift of buyers in the country where they live
  3. You can buy the foreign contact list from

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A COMPREHENSIVE Guide on How to Export From Nigeria – Part 1

exportation from Nigeria

I am happy to announce to you that the topic at hand (exportation) is going to open a lot of window of opportunities for everyone. The information presented here are not just something I picked from one or book or the air. They are piratical guide. That is why I have to break the subject into series.

I am also going to give you a practical guide that will help you avoid scammers both online and offline. However, I think it is worth measuring here that you do not need any agent to export your goods or products to other country.

To support my view, I remember when I was trying to learn about exportation.

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