How to Package Your Products For Exportation – Part 8

Ijebu Garri AmazonYes, I know some of you do not know that Garri is sold on Amazon. This is to tell us that the market is huge and booming. This is Nigeria, where Garri is seen as poor man’s food!!!

I remember when I was in school. One of the food stuffs that students love to share is Garri. In fact, some of in Lagos can travel home and get almost one bag of Garri for FREE!!!

However, there are so many questions that people have been asking me on how you can package your products for exportation. Just as you know that package is what will distinguish your products from every other products in the market.

Nevertheless, I understood that it is very important to show you some samples of how you can package your products for exportation. This is to enable you have some clue on how you should package your products.

Just as I have told you earlier that you should consider exporting light weight products to reduce your cost of exportation. In the same vain you must also be careful of what you use to package your products is not adding to the weight of your products.

One of the major thing that you can use to package your product that will not add to the weight of the product is nylon. The nylon should be strong and durable.

Here are samples to guide your packaging

branding your products

branding your products 2


I don’t know if I need to mention this again. Make sure you start with light weight products to reduce your shipping cost.

Sometimes, your customer or buyer may request you to send the goods without branding it because he or she will like to brand it with his name.

In either cases – brand or no brand; make sure you are sending the right products in quality and quantity to your buyers.

Remember, the best way to win more customers is by referrals.

For those who like to know the price of Nigeria foods online. you can check the following websites.

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13 thoughts on “How to Package Your Products For Exportation – Part 8”

  1. I have been trying to get a good shopping bag producer to help me make some bags of 1,3,5,10 kg for me to to package my products without much success, they seems to be in Lagos. Just should i go about this?

  2. Tnx 4 d insight!but what i do not understand is how to know d price of d export products…d sites u listed is,d prices there are retail prices 4 their customers overthere but i want to knw intl prices e.g if i want to sell 10kg of wheat flour,how much is d intl price per kg?how do we calculate that pls?


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