Exportation From Nigeria 101 – Part 5

exportation from nigeria 101There are so many things you should still consider before sending out your goods. The state and country of the buyer, means of exporting, the days involved and quantities demanded.

I am going to assume here that you know how to source for your products and you already have your customers. If par adventure you do not have any buyer or you do not know how to get one click here as I will be giving you my foreign buyers lists. Though the list is not going to be totally FREE but the price is ridiculous. The truth is that no genuine exporter will give you this for less than 20,000. That is if they still remain on top of the game!

Personally, I have added some other addresses to the list as the list is my arsenal. Aside from the genuine list of over 375 foreign buyers; the list also consists of the customers Mobile numbers, Skype ID, websites and email addresses of over 375 local markets, restaurants and wholesalers  abroad. I will also give you one website where you can always get updated buyers order yourself. Click here NOW if you need the list.

Now that you have your goods and the buyer’s address and contact details you are good to go.

If you are a small or medium or large exporter; exporting from Nigeria. The cheapest means is sending your goods through NIPOST.

Yes, this is because I am going to teach you how your charges in NIPOST are even calculated so that you know how much you are paying for exporting your goods.

Once you have the buyer’s address and contact (click here if you don’t have yours). Just take your products to any NIPOST office and request that you want to send your products or goods to your customer’s address. They (NIPOST) will give you an officer immediately that will stand by you as you package your goods in his present to be sure your goods are not contraband. That is the major reason why you are advice never to package your products from home or warehouse even if you are exporting 20 tones.

After that your goods will be weighed and your bills calculated. Sometimes if you do not know how they came about this calculation you are likely to pay more than expected. This is Nigeria!!! That is why you need to know how your bills are calculated.

However, you do not need to worry as I am going to teach you how to calculated your bill yourself . I am not done, I will also teach you a trick to always pay less than you ought to pay – LEGITIMATELY. Not cutting corners it’s just a trick!!!

After that, they will issue a receipt and a tracking number that you will give to your customer to start tracking his or her goods. Sometimes the tracking number might take up to two days before working. While your goods get delivered in less than one weeks in most cases depending on the country anyway.

However, don’t forget to click here to get the contacts of over 375 genuine foreign buyers.

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