A COMPREHENSIVE Guide on How to Export From Nigeria – Part 1

I am happy to announce to you that the topic at hand (exportation) is going to open a lot of window of opportunities for everyone. The information presented here are not just something I picked from one or book or the air. They are piratical guide. That is why I have to break the subject into series.

I am also going to give you a practical guide that will help you avoid scammers both online and offline. However, I think it is worth measuring here that you do not need any agent to export your goods or products to other country.

To support my view, I remember when I was trying to learn about exportation.

I met a guy who claims he is an expert in exportation and I fell for him. he told me I will need to register under one organization in other to be able to export my product. He said I need a license and many other trashes! Unfortunately for me I trusted him blindly; so when I tell you I am going to teach you how to avoid being scam. I know what am saying; have been there my brother.

Before now, it was importation. Almost all Nigerians will like to order one thing or the other. Though, this has helped to develop our country to a certain extend. However, the present government has a different view about our economic development.

Mr President is of the view that Nigerians should start exportation rather than importing. He is of the view of making Nigeria a major exporting country. In the bid to effect this; the government has bound the importation of certain goods. As if that was not enough, the devaluation of Naira to dollar has made importation on profitable this time. That is why my sharp Nigerians are on the lookout for something better – exportation.

What is exportation? This is the process by which you sent out goods from YOUR to ANOTHER country. In our case, we are going to be sending goods out of Nigeria to USA or from Nigeria to UK or from Nigeria to any other country.

Exportation before now as being kept a secret by a few; this set of people have been enjoying the luxury of exportation. Nevertheless, if I must be sincere exportation in Nigeria cannot be better than this time.

In this series I shall be teaching you how to export your product from Nigeria to other countries. This method however can be used for any other kind of exportation.

Exportation in Nigeria is simple and very open. I shall also be giving you some useful websites for exportation.

Why Exportation?

  1. Devaluation of Naira to Dollar
  2. Government policies
  3. Nigeria unstable economy
  4. Unemployment
  5. It’s simple and cheap

In our next tutorial I shall be talking about the kinds of products you can export and why. Please, leave comment bellow.

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