How to Write a Winning Proposal For Exportation In Nigeria – Part 6

winning proposal 1Great!!! You made it to this post. Today I shall be talking about how you can write a winning proposal after you have the contacts of foreign buyers.

How to Get Contacts of Foreign Buyers

You Can Get Contacts From

  1. Business 2 business website (i.e b2b)
  2. You can ask your friend or relative abroad to get you some lift of buyers in the country where they live
  3. You can buy the foreign contact list from

After the contacts at hand the next thing should be your proposal.

I mean, you are going to send proposals to your contacts telling them what you can offer or export to them. At this stag it is advisable that you do not talk about prices because you probably do not know if he or she likes to do business with you in the first place.

Remember there are so many people sending out proposals to that particular buyer. That is the way it is in business! Buyers are always on the look out for sellers and sellers are always on the look out for buyers. So, all you need to do is to tell your buyer exactly what you can supply them and why he or she should buy from you. Then do it right!

Here are some tips in writing a winning export proposal

  1. Do not claim what you are not: remember your buyers are business people. They want someone who they can trust. Remember important and exportation is more of a business based on trust and integrity. They want people who won’t claim what they are not. People who will not tell them they can supply 200 tones when they can only supply 5kg. Tell them your export capacity and nothing more. It shows you are truthful, honest and sincere. Those are the first messages you must send to your buyers.
  2. Offer a Sample: your buyer should not be the first to ask you for a same product before you offer them one. Remember, it is easier to convince a buyer on a product he saw that a product never seen. Tell him first in your proposal that you will send him so and so quantity of sample product if he or she agrees to buy from you. It shows you are sure of what you are offering.
  3. Never ask for money in your proposal: though, I do not see reasons why you should ask for money. But I think is worth mentioning here that you should never ask for money in your proposal. Build the rationship first for God sake. Remember the only reason why people are going to buy from you is if they can only trust you and not because of what you say.
  4. Tell them the product source: like in Nigeria, people believe that the best Garri is from… yea, Ijebu. so, if you are getting your client Garri; don’t just say I will send you high quality Garri from Nigeria. That is not enough, tell him your Garri is from Ijebu in Nigeria. If it is Palm Oil tell him your is from Ore in Ondo State. this tells your customer exactly what they should expect from you. Secondly, it also gives them the opportunity to make changes. I mean, if they pardventure do not like Palm Oil from Ore. He or she will be able to tell you that he prefers Palm Oil from Enugu.
  5. Give Price Impression: by this I mean you give him the impression that your product is cheap or even the cheapest. Remember I told you never to give price. So, how do you give price impression? You say something like this: “I am not saying my product is the cheapest in the market but I can assure you that it is the cheapest you can ever get in this quality”. Something like that suggest you are sending a quality product and the cheapest price

However, these are just my tricks of writing my own proposal. Sometimes, the client don’t get back to me for whatever reasons but most times they always get back.

So. You are free to modify this guide lines and add yours or remove from the list.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if this post as being helpful by leaving comments bellow.

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19 thoughts on “How to Write a Winning Proposal For Exportation In Nigeria – Part 6”

  1. I have been searching through the internet on how I can start this exporting business but I couldn’t get something substantial and real until I got to your site. I must say you are doing a great job. I want to buy the export package and also hoping that one day I can meet you in person. Thank you for your effort Sir.

    • @Oyebanji, thanks you found earnbase, very useful on exportation. You can meet me in my office; 476, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, General Bus Stop, Ojokoro. You can also reach me on 08060023272

  2. Good Work….and GOD bless you in Jesus Name.Amen. Pls sir can you email me the proposal format too, I will really appreciate it.

    Thanks very much and GOD bless you.

    • @Jovita, 25kg is too much for a sample; even if you are sending samples for FREE it shouldn’t cost you your life. Lol
      However, sending a sample for FREE or for a FEE solely depends on you. Anyway, I do not advise sending package through EMS when you can use NIPOST even at cheaper rate.
      I hope have been able to answer your question. If not clear enough; please let me know.
      Thanks for visisting EARNBASE

  3. I thank God that I stumbled upon a thread like this thanks for the information. Myvwuestion goes thus , is it possible to export from any part of Nigeria without first transporting the product to Lagos for certification. And i would appreciate it if you can send me a guide on how to write the proposal email is [email protected]

    • @Abiola, I am also grateful to God for making this possible – it’s being God all the way.
      As for your questions; that is not true please. The only exception will be if you have decided to send your goods through the Lagos sea port.
      Besides, if you are sending your goods through NIPOST; this will not be necessary at all.

  4. God bless u sir for your selfless contribution to enriching Nigerians. I am very grateful. Pls, your tutorial on exportation appears to be divided into parts, and I can’t find the complete tutorials on your site. Pls sir, I will be very grateful if you can send the complete tutorials to my mail.
    My email is [email protected].
    Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

  5. Sincerely boss this write is very helpful and it will go a long way and pls can u attach the proposal format Thanks in a million


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