New Method To Make Original Liquid Soap

Welcome Earnbasers, today, we are going to the New Method To Make Original Liquid Soap. For those who have attended any of our training; you can testify that we don’t sell or share pre-recorded videos. This is because we understand how fast the industry changes.

New Method To Make Original Liquid Soap

It may interest you to know that a lot have changed in the production of liquid soap in the space of 2 years; which I am going to share some tips with you. If you have known your own method of liquid soap production for over a year or more; chances are that the method does, no longer give you the same result it used to give you in the past.

So, it’s high-time you update your knowledge on quality liquid soap production.

I know some of you thought; liquid soap production is one static house hold production that remains the same forever. I am sorry to disappoint you; that is not true.

And that is because of the following reasons …

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Original Liquid Soap

Reasons Why Liquid Soap Production Method Changes

There are basically two reasons why this happens to all household productions…

  1. Chemical Potency: This is arguably the most common reason; even if the chemical you are buying is original; over time, it’s normal the chemical losses some of its strengths overtime. And this happens to all chemicals; which is why you constantly needs to update your knowledge on household production.
  2. Chemical Availability:  If you have not run into this one; it means you have not spent enough time in this household production space. For most of my audience from Ghana; they usually come across this issue almost every time. This happen when one chemical brand is not available and you need to use another brand; in most cases, your production process will be affected, but very few people know about this.

You see, the production techniques you will use when producing with a chemical from China, is different from the technique you will use with chemicals from India. Unfortunately, people selling chemicals won’t tell you this; as it is expected of you to be able to produce with any brand of chemicals.

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How To Make Original Liquid Soap

The New Method Of Producing Original Liquid Soap

Step 1: Make sure you soak caustic soda into water that is just enough to submerge your measured quantity.

Step 2: Soak the Soda Ash into a small bucket or bowl

Step 3: Soak the Laurel Rice you want to use too

Step 4: Soak the STPP

Note: Make sure you soak all powder chemicals; except the Nitroso.

Step 5: Mix Texapon and Sulphonic Acid into a bucket or bowl with adequate amount of water

Step 6: Get a big bucket or balf for mixing

Step 7: Fill the balf to 1/3rd (one third) of its capacity

Step 8: Start pouring the Nitroso will mixing at the same time

Step 9: Pour the soaked Caustic Soda into the Nitroso solution

Step 10: Pour the soaked Soda Ash into the mixture

Step 11: Pour the soaked Laurel Rice into the same mixture and miss properly

Step 12: Pour the soaked STPP into the mixture and miss

Step 13: Pour the mixture of Texapon with Sulphonic Acid into the solution

Step 14: Make sure you stir properly

Step 15: Pour perfume

Step 16: Get a small bowl and mix the color powder with small amount of water

Step 17: Pour the color liquid into the soap solution

Step 18: Stir properly

Step 19: Package for sale

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You can read more about dishwashing liquid soap here on wikipedia

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