How To Start Soap Chemical Business Without Having A Chemical Shop

When I started EarnBase in 2016; I do not have the fund to start this soap chemical business; because the business requires huge capital. So, I was basically into productions, but not just any time of production – I produce industrial standard products.

After several productions, people started to ask if I sell soap chemicals; at first, my answer was always a NO, but when the demand became higher, I felt the need to start the soap chemical business. Unfortunately, the capital runs into millions of Naira; as far back as 2016 – this business has been capital intensive right from the start; so, I needed to find a way around this; since I do not have the money to start.

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Soap Chemical Business

Here Is What I Did…

I started looking for a Big chemical store; not the one with a small shop o o o. I mean, a chemical shop as big as 5 rooms linked together.

I started buying and comparing chemical prices and qualities. This does not take me too much time to find out exactly what I was looking for.

In no time; I got a chemical shop with the best quality and prices. So, I went into negotiation. Some of my old audience here can testifies to this.

Start Soap Chemical Business

This Was What I Negotiated…

To be successful with this approach you need to ask the right questions, and you must also follow the right steps. Unfortunately, most people are getting this wrong. I see lots of people asking the wrong questions and following the wrong approach.

How do you expect a chemical shop owner to send you his or her price list when you have not even bought anything from him or her – this is not just going to work! People are wise now, and you need to also prove yourself wiser!!!

Here Are The Right Steps…

Step 1: Be a consistent customer; at least for a month. You don’t have to buy chemicals throughout the month, but make sure you appear in that shop more than 4 times a month. You even decide to be buying the chemicals bit by bit whenever you go there. This point is that you are trying to register your presence in their mind. The more they see you; the closer you are to their mind.

Step 2: Make sure you display some level of expertise in this production business. Don’t go there and start asking for the function of Caustic Soda – nobody will take you seriously. Even when they do; you will be buying at a higher rate. The point of this is to build a relationship with them.

Step 3: Ask for their price list; at this point, you are already a customer and also built some level of relationship with them; so, the chances of you being turned down are very low.

I know you have some questions in your mind, and I will try and answer a few of them; if you still have more, please leave them as a comment below.

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How To Start Soap Chemical Business
How To Start Soap Chemical Business

Questions In Your Mind

  1. How much chemicals do I need to buy to show myself as a customer? You can buy as low as 10,000 chemicals, but make sure you did not buy all at once. As your frequent visit to the chemical store is also very important.
  2. Can I do this if I am not in Lagos? Yes, you can; you just need to make sure you prove yourself worthy of being trusted. As you can build a trusted relationship over the phone. Don’t bore them with too many questions.

If you still have father questions; kindly leave them as a comment below.

You can read more on chemical safety here on wikipedia

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    • It’s simple; just follow the steps above and make sure you know how to produce some household productions. And the good news is that you can learn them on earnbase for free.


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