How To Create A Business Website With Less Than N1,500

You read correctly!!! I know you may find this very confusing, but you will understand by the time you finish reading this post. Even if all you know is how to produce liquid soap or body wash – you still need this.

If you are a business man or woman; you will agree with me, that it’s important for any business at all to be online at this time and age. Which is why every business owner is trying to make sure they have an online presence.

Unfortunately, the costly implication of hiring a designer and getting a domain name plus hosting is killing some small businesses.

Today, will be teaching you how to have an ecommerce completely free without for just N1,500 annually.

See, for you to have a functional website; you need three things:

  1. You need a domain name (This is your online address e.g
  2. You need a host (This is your online piece of land where you store your website files and folders)
  3. You need a designer (This is the person that helps you design your website)

But today, I will be teaching you how to completely get this done for FREE; I mean completely FREE!!!

I will be sharing with you 3 different options; so, you can pick the one that suites your business. All the three options are good, but they all have their strengths and weaknesses.


If you want a free hosting to host your WordPress website or php script; this is your best option. As it gives you free cPanel that allows you to install WordPress and design yourself.

Whether you want to build a blog, company website or sales pages; this is your best shoot. This is because more than 300,000 people choose InfinityFree for no-cost, unlimited web hosting service. Like many providers, the free web host requires users to register a subdomain but enables them to point traffic to personal domains registered elsewhere.

InfinityFree offers 99.9% uptime; while that rate is standard among paid hosting accounts, it’s well above average in the free hosting realm.

The hosting service is sponsored by iFastNet, which offers premium upgrades, but InfinityFree will offer free-for-life hosting without any ads.

  • Storage and bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Domains and email: One subdomain and 10 email addresses
  • Other benefits: SSL certificate, Cloudflare content delivery network, DNS service, PHP, and MySQL


Have you ever thought that selling online was a little difficult? Think again. Opening an online store has never been easier. Ecwid is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling fast. No need to abandon your existing site if you have one — Ecwid can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence. You have the freedom to operate multiple online stores including on your website, social media channels, and mobile devices.

So, if you are thinking of having an ecommerce store that is not built on wordpress; then this is your best option, as you can get your ecommerce store ready in less than an hour.

Although, it has a paid plan, but the free plan is enough for small business owners. No domain, no hosting, and it’s free for life!!!

Google Sites

Recently while I was doing my research, I stumbled on this fact and immediately fell in love. Maybe because I have a soft spot for every Google products or something. I know whatever that comes out of Google is always a top notched!!!

So, google site is user friendly and very powerful; as you can use it to design any website, and the good thing is that; it’s completely free.

I have a landing page built with google site that linked to one of my domains –

If you have a product or service you are selling, and you want to get it online in no time; you can start with google site, and you will love it.

To make this easy for us all; I have made a video to get you started on how to design a quality website using Google site. Whether you are a tech guru or a novice in the world of technology; you need this video to get you from beginner to expert on Google site.

That is not all; I am going to make this available for everyone on my website; as a mean to show appreciation for your love.

With just N3,500 I will give you this Google site video course.

Please note; this offer is just for a limited time.

Click this link to make payment online.

Or transfer to the bank details below:

First Bank

Acc No: 2032848148

Acc Name: Africhant Solutions

Please, send your email after payment to 08060023272


I am giving you my how to create a WhatsApp eCommerce Store Training Video For 100% FREE

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