5 Money Making Secrets of Top Internet Markers

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You will agree with me that lots of people are making REAL money online selling information products – it is call information marketing. I personally have taken time to research some of this people and find out some things common to them all; which I shall be sharing today.

Many information sellers/marketers make up to N1, 000,000’s in sales every month. Yes, you read that correctly, every month! If you are in doubt you can ask Otunba Akin Alabi, the owner of Naira Bet, Dr. Ope Banwo and Stephen Akintayo. Statistics tell us that more and more people are choosing to buy online and information marketing is growing exponentially year on year.

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The opportunity to get involved is still huge, whether you choose to sell other people’s product, or create and sell your own product. By knowing the secrets of the top information marketers, you can ‘prime’ yourself for whatever level of success you want to achieve.

Secret No 1: Always Creating Opportunities to Sell

This Top Information marketers will always look for more opportunities to sell while an average info marketer will be happy selling few products. That is why you see them always organizing seminars every now and then. These set of information marketers understood that values comes before selling. No wonder they never sit on their assets; instead they always on the search for new and fresh opportunities to sell MORE!

Secret No 2: Leveraging

The Top Information marketers understood the power of leveraging; that is why you see them bringing in more speakers whenever they have a seminar. They knew that this will create more exposure for their product, business and brand. For example, Dr. Ope Banwo just concluded is Web Conference and the following week Stephen Akintayo starts is own. I hope we are learning from these BIG Boys?

dr ope banwo

This is the one done my Stephen Akintayo

stephen akintayo

Secret No 3: Quality Information Products

If they must sell at all; they will sell quality information; they never under estimate the power of positive review. Top Information Marketers understood that It’s better to sell quality information products to people than to expect them to pay more for a poor quality product. By selling quality products you will get repeat sales, referrals and great reviews. All these things will drive your sales even higher.

Secret No 4: Excellent Customer Service

Top Information marketers always answer customer emails/messages within 24 hours. They understood that customers are always impatient when it comes to request. By this they were able to boost customers’ confidence in their businesses.

Secret No 5: Accepts Responsibilities

Top Information marketers don’t shift blames; when things go wrong they stand up and take responsibility to fix it immediately rather than shifting blames. There will always be little things that don’t go according to plan and at the beginning; these little things can seem like BIG things. They’re not! You can’t please everyone 100% of the time!

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