How To Start A Successful Tutorial Center In UNILAG

how-to-open-a-tutorial-center-in-university-of-lagos1The University of Lagos also referred to as the University of First Choice has over the years earned her place in the hearts of many youths, everyone wants to go to UNILAG hence the reason for the high number of applicants who seek admission into this famous institution every year. According to statistics, about 30,000 applicants give or take apply yearly to study in this prestigious institution and recent statistics have shown that these numbers are not reducing. If focus is shifted to the numbers involved from a business perspective, as an entrepreneur hoping to start up a tutorial Centre within the campus metropolis there is surely every reason to smile.

Unlike other businesses that thrive on the campus (UNILAG), Setting up a tutorial Centre can be quite challenging but with the right information and know-how, the problem is half solved. A major challenge that anyone who hopes to start a tutorial Centre around the university campus would face is getting a location as this is often the first thing every student/parent consider before registering their children in a Centre. The tutorial must be located in a central place where students can easily access without spending too much on transportation or fear being harassed on their way back later in the evening usually around 7:30- 8:00 . Taking a close look at the few once that exists already, most of them have their Centers situated just outside the school gate because the school does not support the use of its facilities for such purposes. Once the problem of getting a location is sorted, then one must start to think about carving a niche for the tutorial Centre. Usually, the way it works here in the University of Lagos, a tutorial Centre could either be focused on science oriented subjects, while some take care of accounting subjects, the Arts are not left out as well.

Upon deciding on which you wish to niche in, then you can start making plans to introduce your tutorial Centre to the students especially freshly admitted students’ i.e. 100Level students. They make up the bulk of the students that patronize tutorial centers because they are fresh!!! They are not used to the system of teaching in the university which is quite different from how they were taught in their various secondary schools, or due to the population of the class; they couldn’t hear the lecturer nor understand whatever was taught. Regardless, the general believe here is that students who attend tutorials usually perform better than their counterparts who did not but then, it also depends on the standard of the tutorial.

Usually, the most efficient way of selling a tutorial Centre to students is by visiting them in class in person. Personnel must be very familiar with their courses and up to date with recent development in their various departments regarding different courses and the trend of the results. Also, there must be incentives that would distinct your tutorial Centre because there would be others also coming just like you’re doing. Other methods such as bills and posters are also not a bad idea. This could be pasted in halls of residence, classes and other public places you deem fit (Ask for more information about that). Your rates, incentives and the staffs who tutor at your tutorial Centre will also give you a competitive edge over other tutorials. A few if not all of the teacher you wish to make use of in your tutorial must have a good academic record and be popular among the students. Students usually pull out of a tutorial center that does not enhance their performance after every semester which is normal hence the reason why some tutorial Centre on campus don’t thrive. Initially, don’t make it about the money alone, but more about making a name and this can be achieved through the results of the students that your tutorial turn out. (Product)

As I said earlier, your rates tend to give you a competitive edge. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, yet it shouldn’t be cheap. For a new tutorial, you must be ready to incur some losses, how? You could make the tutorial free for a month and ensure you give them your very best. Also, you must have a very good administrative team that will take attendance and follow up on students. As you progress, you can design you payment in such a way that students could either pay on a monthly basis or per semester. Payments could also be made in installments or whatever works for you.

When quantity meets quality, from a business point of view you can be sure you will stay in business for as long as you desire, you will always be in demand. In this line of business, that is the key to succeed and it is a function of the team you put together to tutor your students. The hard works in setting up a tutorial especially in UNILAG isn’t about getting people to come only, but getting very capable hands to tutor your students. You must ensure you get the best and as mentioned earlier, he/she must be a student. Remuneration is also very important of course, a well-motivated staff will always be happy and this will reflect in his work. Payment could be weekly or monthly or whatever works for you as the employer.

In conclusion, in other for you to stay in business and make a name it is a function of your product. Quantity must meet quality. That’s the simple trick.

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