how an immegrant regugeeYes! You read the TITLE correctly! He is an African Immigrant REFUGEE; yet he became a successful internet marketer. If he can; why can’t you?

Dr. Ope Banwo (African immigrant refugee), also known as THE WEALTH APOSTLE is an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, author, motivational speaker, internet coach and corporate solution provider.

When I first heard this man spoke on Channels Television; I knew he was up to something great. Dr. Ope Banwo is a veracious reader; no wonder he spent over $10,000 buying eBooks and other learning materials.

In his book titled “Confession of an internet Guru Wannabe”; Dr. Ope Banwo, sheared his personal story; which he believes was similar to the story of millions of people struggling and searching relentlessly for financial breakthrough on the internet.

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Dr. Ope Banwo says; “my story is a story of hope that went through a painful process of frustration, disappointment and ridicule be finally getting a glimpse of redemption at the point of almost succumbing to hopelessness. On the other hand Dr. Ope Banwo is also a story of triumph; when you are no accepting quitting as an option.

Now that we know who Dr. Ope Banwo is; I think it is time to start considering HOW he became actually a successful Internet marketer. Below are the things Dr. Ope Banwo DID WRONGLY that kept him down like most of us.

  1. Wrong Mindset: It is unfortunate that some of us want everything for FREE! There is nothing bad about FREE stuffs even myself – I like FREE things but sometimes you just have to PAY for somethings because SOMETHINGS aren’t just FREE. This is called the NOTHING for SOMETHING syndrome; you need to wake up an start making some investments in your online business career. Buy good books, videos and audio tapes/cds.
  2. Wrong Expectation: I don’t know why some people still kept falling for this trap! Honestly speaking; this simply shows how greedy some of us are. how will you expect to make $1000 everyday with a product of $7? It is unfortunate that we are always in a haste to make HUGE money online and thereby falling victim of the self acclaimed online millionaires. Online business like every other businesses needs time to grow! Put your mind in the right place and understand the internet is not another kind of lotto or MMM or HYIP or any other get rich scheme.
  3. Wrong Priorities: If you do not have a MAP then destination is no SURE. That is why you must have a functional business plan for your online business. Most people make the mistake of not having business plan for their online business. This will help you and guide you alone the way thereby helping you to place your priority right.
  4. Wrong Approach: There are lots of noise going on around now that it was 6 years ago which made it more difficult for customers to make decision thereby make SALES stagnant for SELLERS. That is why very FEW people are making money online; simply because most people focus on SELLING rather than GIVING VALUES. If you do not give value then there is no need to buy your product or services. This days, people want Real value for every kobo they spend!

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