How To Make Hair Gel

If you are a lover of hair there are chances you will love to use hair gel. Hair gel is a product used on the hair to harden and style as desired. Aside from using gel it to style hair, some people apply it to relax their front hair; while some persons with soft hair use it to harden their hair.

The good news here is that this homemade hair gel can be sold to the public or use personally. Quickly, let me teach you how to make hair gel

how to make hair gel

Chemical To Make Hair Gel

  • Nitrosol is a thickener and cleaning agent.
  • Color helps to make your liquid soap beautiful
  • Perfume gives your product a nice smell
  • Glycerin helps your hair to stay soft and supple, and also moisturizes the skin.
  • I.P.A also known as Isopropyl Alcohol has an odor resembling ethanol, it’s volatile, and produces a cooling effect upon evaporation. It kills and prevents the growth of microorganisms.
  • T.E.A (Triethanolamine) is a neutralizing agent
  • Formalin is a preservative

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Measurement Of Chemicals Used To Make Quality Hair Gel

  1. Nitrosol – 1/4kg
  2. I.P.A – 500ml
  3. T.E.A – 200ml
  4. Glycerin – 100ml
  5. Perfume – as desired
  6. Color – as desired
  7. Formalin – 10ml

Tools Needed For Homemade Hair Gel

  • Nose mask
  • Hand glove
  • Measuring or graduate cup
  • Stirring stick
  • A bog bowl for mixing
hair gel

Step By Step Guide To Make Hair Gel

Step 1: Mix the Nitrosol in 15 liters of water, and stir continuously till it dissolve until it becomes thick

Step 2: Gradually add the I.P.A and continue stirring

Step 3: Add the T.E.A – the moment you add this; you will notice instant thickness of the mixture. Feel free to add more water to soften it if need be.

Step 4: Add the Glycerin and stir all together till it blend

Step 5: Mix the color in a small amount of water (100ml of water) and pour into the mixture

Step 6: Add perfume as desired and stir

Step 7: Add formalin for preservation and stir

Step 8: Package and start selling

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