How To Build Loyal Customer List Using Your Own Product

Personally, this is my favorite method in building my own paid customers list intensively. If you are an active product creator, this is for you.

Here Is The Concept

In a nutshell, you create a digital product with Full Master Resell Rights and submit it to other marketer’s paid membership site and/or paid event as a quality contribution.

Since the manual assumes you don’t have a list of your own, selling the product on your own can take a while as with other learning curves in life.

But this method isn’t going to stop you from building your own paid customers list even right now.

You approach active marketers, preferably because they are running paid membership sites or organizing fire sales and paid events. This is your chance to approach these marketers to ask if they’re willing to throw your product into their event/member’s area as a bonus. He or she can keep your product for free. The only condition is that the marketer’s customers/members have to opt into your customers’ list to receive your product (and maybe lifetime updates).

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If your product’s retail price is $97.00 for example, the marketer will likely accept your offer as not only does he or she save at least $97.00 in investing in your product as a bonus, you’ve just saved him or her some precious time in creating or outsourcing for unique bonuses. On top of that, to produce a high-ticket digital product consumes a lot of time, effort, and expertise in development.

As you’ve probably concluded by now, marketers are really busy people in nature, no matter how much they say they’re financially free! (Yes, thanks to all the flood of ideas!)

Keep repeating this stunt with as many marketers as you can online and you’ll end up with a huge database of customers of your own in a short time span.

The Pros Of Using Your Own Product

  1. As long as you convey Full Master Resell Rights to your product and offer a link back to your opt-in form in one way or another, building your paid customers list can be viral.
  2. If you are new to marketing and don’t have a mailing list of your own, you can still build your paid customers list even now. Although you’re forsaking upfront sales, you are still building a paid customers list as your leads are paid customers in one channel or another – for example, they have paid to gain access to a membership site where your product is found.
  3. It’s easier to prove your credibility through your own products plus you have full control over your product’s terms and conditions.

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The Cons Of Using Your Own Product

  1. You’re forsaking up-sells. If your product were priced at $97.00 for example, you would have to sacrifice a number of up-sells in effort of building your customers list. However, be reminded that “the money is in the list” and when you have customers opted into your mailing list, you can still follow up with other offers in the future as you’re only one broadcast away.
  2. Creating your own digital product demands a lot of time, effort, talent, skills, and expertise on your part.

What Do You Need?

  • Web Hosting & Domain Name
  • Autoresponder account
  • A product of your own – you will need to create your own digital product and preferably, you convey Full Master Resell Rights to it so it can be passed on from your customers to another.
  • Thank You Page – place your opt-in form here and require your customers from paid membership sites, fire sales and other paid events to opt into your customer list so they can get your product.

How To Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step

  1. Create your digital product.

The digital product can be an E-Book, software, turnkey solution, audio, or even video. Creating your own Info Product required good writing skills and knowledge from you and remember that quality really counts – you’re going to be proposing to marketers so that they can accept your product for contribution.

It is highly recommended that you offer Full Master Resell Rights to your digital product so that your product can be resold and passed on, and in effort of creating a viral effect for your own branding – and building your customer list!

Tip: if you aren’t savvy at writing, you can engage a ghostwriter to specially write for you. Alternatively, you can purchase products with Private Label Rights so you can edit and brand with your own editing instead of creating from scratch.

  1. Write your product’s sales letter.

This one is equally important – your prospective marketers you’re going to approach are likely going to need to review your product so they need to see what you offer through your product in a nutshell. Plus since you’re going to let their members and customers resell your product, you’re going to need to give them a good selling material they can conveniently use.

  1. Create your Thank You page.

This is where the Gold Mine is! Since you are going to receive customers from other people’s membership sites and paid events, you should require them to opt into your customer list first before downloading your product. The incentive you can offer is that you give lifetime updates but your ultimate goal should be that of building your paid customer list so you can endorse more offers to them in the near future.

  1. Set up your autoresponder to collect customer leads.

As mentioned earlier, this is your asset. And the entire business goal is revolved around filling your autoresponder with paid customer leads. Once you set it up, prepare your opt-in form code and have it pasted in your Thank You page so you can collect customer leads.

  1. Search for membership site owners and marketers who are launching fire sales and paid events to contribute your product to.

Since we’ve established you don’t have your own mailing list, it would be harder for you to sell on your own and make money in a short time span. So you’re going to build your customers list FIRST. How?

You approach marketers who own paid membership sites (Resell Rights sites are good targets) and those who are launching paid events and fire sales. Also, marketers who are looking for Joint Venture partners to contribute unique products to their event make very good prospective targets. You want to personally contact them via phone or email to offer them your product as a contribution.

You want to remind them that they would need more time and money to product unique bonuses thus you can help them shortcut the process by offering your new product to their customers and members.

They may download your product for free but the only condition is that their customers or members must go to your Thank You page to receive your product and in order to do so, they must opt into your mailing list.

This is a very small price to pay since no money is exchanging hands between you and the prospective membership site owner/paid event manager thus there is no monetary risk involved.

End result: You don’t have to have many products of your own to do this. In fact, one high-quality product will suffice.

Repeat Step 5 with as many membership site owners and marketers as you can and every successful deal will result in you building your paid customers list in a faster time possible.

Unlike regular newsletters, customer lists can be more responsive thus when you have your next product launch, you only need to email your list which is one email away!

Last Words

Exciting concepts, aren’t they? ☺ I know this report is relatively short when you count the number of pages but I hope you don’t judge the value of this report by the number of pages it has.

Since it’s often the case that customer lists tend to be more responsive than the regular subscribers of a newsletter, conversion rates can be significantly higher when endorsing products or service to your customers!

We’re talking about anywhere from 15-20% here since they are willing buyers under the right circumstances.

And the best part is that you don’t have to necessarily start off with a mailing list of your own to build your own customer list. I did the above mention without the use of my own mailing list and that’s why I’m convinced anyone can do that, too, and even on a bigger scale!

Granted, these methods aren’t exactly new but they sure are time-tested. Having said that, I trust you now know how to exercise even more creative use with Resell Rights in the marketplace. So have fun building your paid customers list!

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