5 Business Lesson To Learn From Nigerians Selling Ankara At The World Cup In Russia

For a moment, I was confused on the title of this post, but finally came to conclusion after many considerations. You see, when I first saw this image on twitter, I was like… for real? Why would someone be doing this in Russia where he when to have fun? And at a second thought, I asked; why not? Fortunately, my later questions got me thinking than the first. Maybe because I’m also an entrepreneur or something.

Honestly speaking, these guys must be practical entrepreneurs! You see, there are some that are entrepreneurs by mouth and note. This set of people filled their social walls with every word that describe an entrepreneur; from business man, to season writer e.t.c They even go to the extent of looking and acting like an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur is a thing of the mind; you can’t be an entrepreneur by mouth. It must be in actions!

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Just for the sake of the season, I will love to pick 5 lessons learned from this guy “BIG JOE,” selling Ankara in Russia 2018.

  1. Business is a thing of pride: If truly you are in business; you must be proud of what you do. Whatever you sell, be it shit or water; as long as it is legal in your country – be proud of it! Let people be able to identify you with it.
  2. Every kobo counts: If you find this hard to understand; ask a banker friend. Every successful business person understands that every kobo made is an addition. So, a practical business person will not shut down an opportunity because of a small profit. He or she understands that every opportunity equals profit – be it small or BIG.
  3. Start from where you are: Practical entrepreneur understand that the best time is NOW. They don’t waste time waiting for a perfect time, that doesn’t exist. Every perfect business today, started with imperfection. That is why there is growth, because there is room for starting small. So, give yourself room to grow! Start where you are! You don’t have to have an office, AC, car, land or giant bank account before you can start that business. YOU CAN ALWAYS START SMALL!!! Recommended: How To Start Cheap Data Bundle Business In 2018
  4. It’s not always about looking like the boss: In my tribe, there is an adage that describe this well “Aso nla, koni, eyan nla – BIG cloth, does not equate BIG MAN.” Sometimes as a business person, you have to do the odd jobs. Yes, the boy, boy job! That is why you are the boss. The Bible says, he who cannot follow among you, cannot lead. Stop waiting to delegate every odd jobs. Stop the trend of looking like a boss; rather, BE THE BOSS. The idea is to BE THE BOSS, not to look like the boss.
  5. Business people Create opportunities: Practical entrepreneurs don’t wait for opportunities. They earn to create one, where none is available. For instance, BIG JOE make use of the crowd gathered by World cup to sell his Ankara stuffs. Peradventure, he may not even be the owner of the car on which he displays his product. Anything is possible where there is a will!

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