How To Make Quality Liquid Soap And Make Over 200% Profits

In this post; I will show you how to make over 200% profit-making quality liquid soap.

What if I tell you, it’s possible to make over 200% in liquid soap production in this age and time; will you believe me? I know some of you won’t believe me; because I get a lot of questions like; is liquid soap production profitable? Will I be able to make a decent profit-making a liquid soap?

How To Make Quality Liquid Soap

Chemicals Needed For This 200% Profit Quality Liquid Soap Production (25 Liters)

  1. Nitroso ———————————- 1/16
  2. Texapon ——————————— 2 teaspoons
  3. Caustic Soda —————————- 2 teaspoons
  4. Soda Ash ——————————— 1/8
  5. Sulphonic Acid ————————– 1 liter
  6. SLS —————————————– 1/8
  7. Perfume ———————————- as desired
  8. Color ————————————— as desired

All these should cost you less than N3,000 and you may end up using some chemicals in more than one production; if not because things are expensive now; this shouldn’t cost more than N2,000.

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I am sure you won’t see this tutorial anywhere for free; so, read carefully you don’t miss out on important details. As I will be teaching step-by-step processes to make quality liquid soap.

Quality Liquid Soap

How To Produce Quality Liquid Soap Step By Step

Step 1: Get four small bowls for mixing

Step 2: Mix the Caustic Soda with water in bowl 1 and mix thoroughly

Step 3: Mix the Soda Ash with water in bowl 2 and mix thoroughly

Step 4: Mix the SLS with water in bowl 3 and mix thoroughly

Step 5: Mix Texapon, Sulphonic Acid with water (Secret 1): If you don’t add enough water here while mixing, the production will turn thick and your production won’t come out well.

Step 6: Get a BIG balf; something that can contain 30 – 35 litters or production.

Step 7: Add a 15liters of water to the BIG balf

Step 8: Slowly add Nitroso into the BIG balf and mix thoroughly

Step 9: Add the content in Step 2 to the BIG balf and mix thoroughly. Note the production becomes thicker the moment you added the Caustic Soda solution, but it will become lighter when you add other solutions.

Step 10: Add the content in Step 3 to the BIG balf and mix thoroughly

Step 11: Add the content in Step 4 to the BIG balf and mix thoroughly

Step 12: Add more water into the BIG balf and mix thoroughly

Step 13: Add the content in Step 5 to the BIG balf and mix thoroughly

Step 14: Add color

Step 15: Add perfume

Step 16: Package for sale or use

This production will come out light, but very effective.

However, if you have any questions; let me know in the comment section below.

You can read more on the history of liquid soap on this wikipedia post

10 thoughts on “How To Make Quality Liquid Soap And Make Over 200% Profits”

  1. 1. Good day, am just viewing your post
    Pls I don’t Understand your measurement, can u use kg or gram for nitroso and others having 1/16
    2. The chemicals u sell, like what is the smallest quantity can get from u?

    • We can sell and send chemicals to you if you are buying in large quantity. Else, you can go to Ojota chemical market, but be mindful of fake chemicals o o o

    • Yes you are right, but the primary reason for soaking is to completely dissolve the chemicals. And once that is achieve; even if it’s done in 10 minutes, you are good to go.
      However, it’s important you understand that a well fermented chemical won’t eat-up your hand when in use. Mind you, we only use a small amount of Caustic Soda in this production; so, there is no need for it to stay overnight; however, there is no crime if you desire to let it stay overnight.

    • Not necessary, but you can add them if you wish. Mind you, the moment you added all these; you cost of production also increases. Which means, your profit will also be altered.


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