[Working] How To Get Canva Premium Account For Free 2020 [Latest]

For the sake of those who do not know what Canva is? Canva is simply an online photo or image editor; it’s intended to help no graphics or tech people come up with brilliant graphics design. With Canva, you can design anything from poster, invitation, ebook cover, banner, social banner, YouTube images, logo and a little of animation.

Canva has several membership tiers. The free level offers a generous selection of tools and templates for optimizing and transforming your pictures, but the majority are locked behind a paywall, and although fun, many of the designs have a business slant. So, in today’s post; I am going to teach you how to get Canva premium account for FREE.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Canva Premium Account For Free 2020 [Latest]

Step 1: Go to www.canva.com

Step 2: Open a FREE account with Canva with your email or social media account.

You can either signup with Google, Facebook or a different email provider

Step 3: Confirm your FREE account

This is the image you get immeditely after signup if it’s a new account; else follow step 3

Step 4: Then click on the upgrade option available at the right corner

Step 5: Choose monthly plan

Choose the monthly plan to go premium

Step 6: Go to https://www.bestccgen.com/namso-ccgen/

Step 7: Then Copy and Paste “549184” in front of the Insert Your BIN: 549184xxxxxxxxxx

Here is where you are going to generate the card you are going to use

Step 8: Click the GENERATE Button; after you have copied this “549184” in the BIN space provided

Just copy any of the card generated by the right hands side

Step 9:  Copy one of the generated credit cards and paste in https://validcreditcardnumber.net/

Step 10: Then click validate to know if the card is valid. If it’s marked; it means, it’s valid!

Step 11: Now copy the value of the validated card and paste the information on the Canva website.

How To Get Canva Premium For Free

Step 12: Enjoy

If you have any problem with this method; just leave a message here and let me get it done for you for just a fee for a coffee…

22 thoughts on “[Working] How To Get Canva Premium Account For Free 2020 [Latest]”

  1. After paste Credit Card detail on Canva.

    Canva said “*Your transaction was decline. Please try another payment method.”

    Already try many difference credit card. Can you help me sir?

  2. Pls it’s not working, I have validated the credit card. But canva won’t give me access. It tells me to check the number or check the card.
    I have also keyed in dates and three security numbers.

  3. It’s not working
    None of the random value I copied was validated.. Any other solution please?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Precious, they are all working o o o. However, if you are still doubt; I will help you make your account pro in the next 5 minutes for just 2k. If you are interested; just chat me up on WhatsApp via 08060023272


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