With Just 5,000 Start Operating QuickTeller PayPoint Agent

start-operating-quickteller-paypoint-agent-with-just-5000Just when we are few weeks to Christmas and New Year; Quickteller broke the market again! Recently, there has been some indecent queue in the bank that makes banking tough and unbearable for some people. This makes becoming a Quickteller PayPoint agent the right business this season.

If you are really interested in this business I have some good news for you; I have gone to the extent of getting a Quickteller staff here to answer any of your questions. I shall be drop is contacts after this post; so, I encourage you to read too the end.

Honestly, there are good things happening this recession time – one of which is the Quickteller, minimum account opening balance. Before now, the minimum amount you can use to open and start operating a Quickteller PayPoint account was 10,000 but now reduced to 5,000.

However, it is important to note that the minimum opening balance does not belong to Quickteller but you! The minimum opening account balance will be deposited into your Quickteller account for operation. There are so many reasons why this development is welcome!

  1. It Builds People’s Trust in Quickteller: The trust is that some people are skeptical of becoming a quickteller paypoint agent because they felt the 10,000 was much. People will always ask me why 10,000? Why not 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, or 5k? After all the money is mine! But with this new development; people tends to trust Quickteller more.
  2. It Makes Becoming A Quickteller Agent Easy: Yes, this reduction in FEE will make this process very easy; take it or leave it! There are lots of people that will join this business now; remember, we are close to festive season.
  3. It Encourages More People To Join The System: Some people really want to become a Quickteller Paypoint Agent but were discouraged because of the Minimum opening account balance which was 10,000. Honestly, reducing the minimum opening account balance to 5,000 will greatly encourage so many people to join this business.

If you want to be a Quickteller PayPoint Agent Click here!

For more information you can call MR AY (a staff of Quickteller): +2348023912881, +2348168832811.

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