How To Turn Your Clients Into Friends In 10 Minutes

I am happy to share with you one of the story that helped me turned my clients into my friends. Over, the years I have come to realize that people buy from you not because your product or service was good but because they trust you and if they are not interested in you; they would never have trusted you.

However, I hope this story will help you as much as it has helped me! Story story? Story! Once upon a time? Time Time! The Title Of My Story Is…

ask_professor_earnbaseA Professor was traveling from ACCRA to TAMALE in GHANA. And somewhere between EASTERN REGION and ASHANTI REGION, one of the tyres in the front wheel of his car removed and went into the bush. And because he wasn’t speeding due to the poor state of the road, he and the car didn’t suffer any injuries or damages but the bolts holding the tyre got lost.

He traced the tyre into the bush and recovered it. For more than an hour the Professor stood beside the car not knowing what to do. Unknowingly to him, a Mad man was by the roadside observing him from the beginning of his ordeal. The Mad man walked to the Professor and asked “did the tyre remove?”.

The Prof. was frustrated and began to wonder how this man could ask such a question after watching the whole incident from the word go, lackadaisically the Professor answered just for peace to reign “yes”. Again the mad man asked, “and you don’t know what to do?”, again the Professor got angry but still composed himself and answered “obviously cos if I could, I wouldn’t be here stranded for over an hour”.


The Mad man then said to him “are there not six bolts on the other three tyres?”, the Prof. answered “yes”. The Mad man then said “what if you remove one from there, another from there and another one from there making three, wouldn’t it hold it for you?”.

The professor was short of words to answer and tears began to roll down his cheeks, he couldn’t believe a Mad man’s brain and idea could save him a professor from a difficult situation.


  1. Don’t look down on anyone in life for the one you think is least in rank compared to you might just be your life saver.
  2. There is an atom of sense in every “stupid” idea its only left for you to dig it out and make the good of it.


  1. Always respect your customers opinions even if it look stupid: The professor respected the opinion of that MAD man.
  2. Always control your TEMPER: The professor was able to hold his temper else… he would have done what you are thinking.
  3. Be humble and approachable even in business: You won’t believe that some business owners are not approachable one bit. In fact, if you come across them by mistake; you will never pray for such experience again!


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