Where & How eBay’s Powerful Sellers Got Their Products

powerful ebay sellersPlease, I beg you to pay apt attention here as I will be giving you the best place to buy anything for your eCommerce business.

You probably must have heard this saying more than once “it is better to teach someone how to fish rather than giving him fish.” Today, I have decided to teach you how to fish but not give you fish. I will not give you wholesales lists but directories where you can get manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, drop-shippers, liquidators and many more. This is where powerful eBay sellers got there goods from – you have their secrets at your fingertips.

It is possible you must have heard or seen some of these before but am telling you again in case you doubted the information before that there is no better list elsewhere than what you have here.

In this section I am going to answer some of the questions that bother your mind. Still in this section; I will also tell you all the secrets of eBay powerful sellers.

I have decided to list them in order of importance:

  • Yellow pageyellowpage.com (I Recommend), you can even vary the website extension – I mean the .com can be changed to .co or better still .co.uk. It is unbelievable the large number of people who takes this for granted. In fact, if you are looking for genuine, suppliers, wholesalers, drop-shippers, liquidators and many more; here is the best way to start from. This website will provide you will manufacturers, supplier, and wholesalers closer to your area. To get the best of this website simply type in “wholesale” into the search box provided and you will be given bunch of sub-directories. It’s amazing how many suppliers you have right under your nose!
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Councilhktdc.com (I Recommend) this is the official website of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, all suppliers have been checked out by the HKTDC. It would be rare for one of those suppliers to risk their good standing with the HKTDC by treating you unethically. Many of the suppliers have been checked by Dun & Bradstreet to verify their true business registration, location, names of contact persons, websites, and other significant information, but bear in mind that they do not report on their financial standing. Suppliers who have advertised with HKTDC for at least 2 years are generally likely to be safe to deal with.

They have recently established a special section at their trade fairs for suppliers willing to accept small orders. Due to the success of this new development, they have now incorporated what they call the “Small Order Zone” on their website. Suppliers listed in this area will handle small orders at genuine wholesale prices for business operators. They will not deal with individual buyers wanting to obtain a bargain on a single item.

I have personally checked out prices from various suppliers in the “Small Order Zone” for products that I am familiar with. I found that prices for small quantities are quite reasonable, but not as low as you can get after developing a good working relationship with a supplier. The “Small Order Zone” may well be the best place for you to start your eCommerce business because you can do so for very little cost without buying a big inventory and it can help you test the market.

I know of a number of people who run their businesses on eBay, flea markets, websites and physical shops entirely sourcing products through the “Small Order Zone”.

  • Alibabaalibaba.com this is a huge directories of manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. It works like a search engine; just type in what you are looking for and chances are alibaba has it. However, note that not all of the suppliers on alibaba are actually real suppliers (some are manufacturers while others are retailers), but you will definitely be able to find a lot of products to sell on eBay.
  • Amazonamazon.com (I Recommend) is another place to get a good deal. Though not as low as some other websites listed here but you can be sure of quality and reliability. This website mostly consists of the real product manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Computercomputers.org here you will get great deals on electronics e.g. Laptops, computers, printers e.t.c
  • Electrooec21.com this is very similar to alibaba. Suppliers from all over the world are found here too.
  • Export Bureauexportbureau.com (I Recommend) this is just like global sources where you find suppliers from all over the world. The suppliers on this website are all legitimate businesses. Most of these suppliers are the actual manufacturers of the products they sell.
  • ebay.com (I Recommend) you can also find great deal here too. Though most of the sellers here are not the real manufacturer of the products they sale but you can still make a good business here.
  • Global Sourcesglobalsources.com (I Recommend) this great directory where you find suppliers from all over the world. The suppliers on this website are all legitimate businesses. Most of these suppliers are the actual manufacturers of the products they sell, that mean you get absolute lowest prices (this is where wholesalers get their stuffs).
  • Made In Chinamade-in-china this also another great website like alibaba and ec21 majority of suppliers and manufacturers here are from china.
  • Surplus – surplus.net this is also a very good directory with thousands of wholesales, overstock lots and pallets for sale. Mainly overstock, surplus and refurbished products. You can find some incredible deals on this website. You have 80% off wholesale prices! You can find just about everything here.

Second Best

  • wholesale411.com this website is not as good as the ones listed above but is still 100 times better than a wholesale list.
  • topwholesalesuppliers.com this is also another supplier directory. Not as easy to use as alibaba or ec21 but worth a look anyway.
  • wholesalehub.com though it is a small directory but has links to wholesalers and drop shippers.
  • fleamaketguide.com/wholesal.htm flea market guide.

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