What To Do When You Loose Your Job In Nigeria

What to do when you loose your jobI was on a visit to a friend’s working place last month in Apapa. On getting there; I heard the staff lamenting over the unjust manner by which a staff as being relived of his Job. This guy was hard working and faithful but yet looses his job suddenly. He just resumed at work like every normal day to meet his sack letter.

It is no longer news that the rate at which people are loosing their jobs now in Nigeria is alarming. If you have been following the news; you will realize that just recently Eco Bank relieved 1040 of its staff; while Diamond bank also relieved 200 of its staff of their jobs. This is to tell us that there is no job security anywhere. So, if this happens to you; what do you do? This is going to be our born of contention today.

  1. Set Your Mind Right: Yes! the first thing you need to do if you loose your job is to get your mind right. This is important because there is little or nothing you can do with a troubled or unstable mind. So, make sure you get your mindset right.
  2. Forgive Yourself and Forgive Others: Whenever someone loose his or her job; someone is to be blame. It may be him or her who was the architect of his or her own predicament or someone else. Whatever or whoever, might have caused you your job; you must forgive them first. This allow you to think and be take necessary steps that will yield awesome result.
  3. Get Busy: You don’t have to be paid before you can get busy. Just find something to do for the love of it. Usually, things don’t fall into place until we start doing something. Just get busy!
  4. Create Time To Learn: At this point learning is very important than ever. Whatever might be your level of experience you still need to create time to learn even if you are willing to do the same job from which you were relieved. This will help you to become a better person! Learning takes time; make sure you have enough time.
  5. Take Action: One of the major problem of Nigeria is not the ability to read. It is the ability to apply what has been written. Remember this is about you and about you alone. That is why you must not compare yourself to another person.

Moreover, it is important you take the matter to God and tell Him to guy you in your new endeavors. I hope doing this will put you in good shape to take appropriate actions. You can suggest one or two things that you think may be helpful to people who loose their jobs.

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