What Do You Do That Is Different?

Here is another post by Strive Masiyiwa. I just finish reading it and felt I should share it with you. The good thing is that; it’s going to be in series. Just stay tuned as I will be bringing you updates.

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__Always Look For The “game changer” (Part 1)

There is a story told in the legend of modern business about a young man who liked reading books. He would order books by mail order, but being a very avid reader he found that it took too long for the books to arrive. So what did he do? He sat down and designed a new way to get books delivered in the shortest time possible.

His process for ordering and delivering books has turned him into one of the richest people in the world. That young man is Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and he’s now worth over $50bn.

Sometimes the “game changer” comes from the way you deliver your service to the customer!

As an entrepreneur, one of the keys to your success is your continuous search for something that sets you apart, even if you’re in the same business as others. Some of the things that you do don’t have to be technological or highly sophisticated — just different!

And smart!

# What do you do that is different?

It reminds me of a guy who owned a small butcher shop just out of town from where I grew up. Whenever I drove past his shop I noticed there were always a lot of “men” milling around. So, being curious, I stopped and waited in my car to see what was happening.

I soon discovered that this guy used to sell cooked “cows feet,” which were considered by local men as an aphrodisiac! People would come from far and wide to buy his “cows feet.” I chuckled to myself thinking about what a great entrepreneur he was. Soon he added a little bar and sold cold beer. In no time at all, he was expanding to other parts of the country, strategically adding the “secret source” of his business model!

Now, I am not saying go into that same business! No. I just want you to see the principle: Successful entrepreneurship requires you to be constantly looking for a “game changer,” even in the most mundane of businesses.

# What is your “game changer”?

If someone gives me what I consider to be bad service, I try not to complain. I start thinking if there’s an opportunity for me! I never made money from complaining, but from dealing with frustrations thrown at me!

I find always that I’m at my best, as an entrepreneur, when I’m trying to get over an attempt to frustrate me. Maybe it was because a bank turned me down over a loan, or a regulator refused to give me a license, or a business partner cheated me…

It’s all the same: It spurred me to buckle down and become tenacious, or it made me find an innovation to get round the problem. It must be the same for you!

# A true entrepreneur is never frustrated by anything…

This is how some of the greatest businesses in history came about!

Is there something that frustrates and irritates you every day? That could be the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity in your life!

# A true entrepreneur is never frustrated by anything…

It’s not that I don’t want to complain about some things that are done to me, but sometimes I forget to complain because I’m too busy using the opportunity created for me!!!

In life it’s not that we’re not challenged or even frustrated by others, or by the authorities. If you’re going through such a situation yourself, don’t let it get you down…

Use it to propel you to the next level!

To be continued. . .

Image credit: Susan Winters Cook

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