What Determines The Quality And Success of Bar Soap

What Determines The Quality And Success of Bar SoapWhere do I start from? I think you guys deserves an apology first. On this note I tender my sincere apology for not being around to update www.earnbase.com.

Though, my absence was in my quest to research on Palm Kernel production. I was also privileged to do the research with an earnbaser Eng. John who was with me all through the travel. Our research was indeed a successful one as we got all the necessary information from the right people and also from A-Z. During our research we met an engineer who has been fabricating Palm Kernel machines for over 34 years. He told us his experience and secrets of the business as an engineer. Not that alone; we had also an intensive discussion with a retired Nepa official who had been in the production of Palm Kernel for over four years. He shared his experience, secrets and rules with us. It was indeed a great finding. I will bring you the full update shortly.

Today, I want to provide answers to the numerous questions I got from earnbaser. Though, I have tried explaining this via emails and whatsapp to those who asked, but I still felt obligated to extend and share the knowledge to us here.

There are basically two things that determines the quality and success of your bar soap. These are very important to the extent that expert have refused to share it; and as such become a secret for so many years. I will try to explain in detail below.

The first thing that determines the quality and success of your bar soap is: Recipe! Do you know some people who do soap making on a small scale do not have their own recipe? Do you know some people producing bar soap will have to contact someone for a recipe? I understand if you are still at this level where you can’t discover, design and produce your own recipe; I was there too!

However, it important to note that there are some things that determine your bar soap recipe. They are:

  1. Quality of soap desired: Hardness, Softness, Fragrance e.t.c
  2. Bar soap purpose: why do you want to make the soap? The intended bar soap is for what purpose?
  3. Time available for producing the bar soap. You need to know that some chemical aid trace and saponification while some don’t. So you need to consider the time available for the soap before use.

The second thing that determine the quality and success of your bar soap is : Chemical Measurement! Yes, as simple as this might look do you know some people don’t take their chemical measurement very important? People will use 2kg instead of 2.5kg of a particular chemical and assume to get the same result. This is of course not possible because soap making involves chemical reaction; that is why you must be very accurate about you chemical measurement.

Meanwhile, it is important to know that you need to know your recipe before you can start talking about chemical measurement. This is because it is the chemical that form your recipe that you are measuring.

Please, contact me if you need a special recipe and if you want to know how to form your own recipe for bar soap.

I hope this helps. Drop your questions below.

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  1. Hi I am interested in soap making and I’m kindly requesting for the recipe.
    I’m humbly awaiting your response to my request.

  2. Pls I need help with a laundry bar recipe and I will be using a 100% pko in ghana
    I am a soap maker but I only make personal care soap


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