(Video) How to Make Liquid Soap – Part 2

How to make liquid soap

Thank you all for your interest in this completing video. I must admit that I was a bit busy trying to edit this video. I remember when the part 1 of how to make liquid soap was released early this month;I promised to upload the part 2 in one week after but could not.

I gave a week interval; so that I will be able to implement any of your questions from part 1 into the part 2. Less I forget; I must your calls and emails asking me for the concluding part. This shows that someone somewhere was blessed by part 1.

However, I hope you have not forgotten that I told you that we shall be talking about two methods of making this liquid soap. The methods are similar but produce different results. These videos both part 1 and part 2 are for the first method.

Nevertheless, I have decided not to split the second method into parts because I do not want to keep you waiting unnecessary. At this stage I want to believe none of my readers here will have no questions on ask. By this; I mean you can always leave a comment on our blog to ask your questions and I will respond to it as soon as possible.

Now, I need to quickly remind us of some of the things we said in part 1. You will remember that we shall be using three buckets part 1; two of those bucket were used in part one filling it with some chemicals.

  • Bucket One Contains

Surphonic Acid + Texapon + Rice

  • Bucket Two Contains

Soda Ash + STPP

Now Bucket Three was the only bucket left among the three buckets mentioned in part 1 and that is the bucket we shall be using in this part two video.

  • Bucket Three Contains

Water + Nitrozon + Formalin + Caustic Soda + Color + Perfume

Here are the steps:

  1. Put some water into bucket three.
  2. then gradually pour the Nitrozon into the bucket containing some water and stir as if you are making Amala.
  3. Pour the content inside bucket 1 into bucket three and stir.
  4. Pour little quantity of formalin for preservation.
  5. Pour the content inside bucket 2 into bucket three and stir.
  6. Pour little quantity of Caustic Soda into the bucket three. If caustic soda is too much; the soap with eat your hand.
  7. Put some amount of Color
  8. Add the right quantity of perfume

Watch the video for better explanation.

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  1. Good morning! Pls I have a little ish with my liquid soaps. Whenever I make a production, after some hours, some very thick part would settle at the button. What could be the cause and how can I remedy such occurrences?


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