How To Use Other People’s Products To Build Your Customer List

If your hard drive is packed with digital products you acquire the (Master) Resell Rights to and you haven’t take advantage of them just yet, this Resell Rights plan is for you.

Another motivating factor for you to use this method to build your paid customer list is that perhaps you’re not keen on creating your own products may it be due to time congestion or unable to commit.

You want to achieve your objective of building your paid customer list, by reselling a bundle of digital products you have acquire the (Master) Resell Rights to. It is preferable if you have the Full Master Resell Rights; so, you can pass on the rights to your customers, and that your customers can do the same.

You bundle a group of digital products with (Master) Resell Rights, and sell for a very, very low price, preferably $10.00 – $20.00.

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And then, you recruit Joint Venture (JV) partners and affiliates to promote your bundled package to their subscriber/member list for high commissions. It gets even better if you offer 90-100% of the product price as commissions to your affiliates and JV Partners.

While this sounds nutty, the rationale behind this is that:

✓ You want to motivate your affiliates and JV Partners to sell for you, and

✓ You don’t mind forsaking the up-sells for building your paid customer list, which is more important and profitable in the long run for you, because you can later endorse your next product launch.

And every time you receive a customer whether through your own effort or that of your affiliates, convert your customer into your affiliate as well via your Thank You page where you offer the same invitation to your affiliate program.

They won’t mind doing that, as long as you provide convenience (that they don’t need to set up their own sales letter and package from scratch), and that your commission reward is irresistible (90-100%).

Your customers can, in turn, become your promoting affiliate partners and the result will be viral: your affiliates and customers building your customer list for you!

The Pros of Selling Other Peoples’ Products

  1. There’s absolutely no need for you to create your own products from scratch. You can easily acquire Resell Rights products from paid membership sites or purchase exclusive reseller licenses if you can afford to invest.
  2. This business plan can be started overnight.
  3. With the help of your affiliates and Joint Venture partners, it is very possible to build your paid customers list heavily in a short period of time.

The Cons of Selling Other Peoples’ Products

  1. If you bundle a lot of high-ticket Resell Rights products in a paid package and sell at a very low price, not only will it devalue the products, you risk creating a bad impression with Internet Marketers. However, this can be easily solved if you sell very few but unique products or low-ticket items in a paid package. Alternatively, you can source and handpick niche (non-Internet Marketing) products with (Master) Resell Rights.
  1. Selling bundled products with Resell Rights can prove to be very competitive as there are several other bundled products on offer across the Internet.

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Things Needed To Start Selling Other Peoples’ Products?

  1. Web Hosting & Domain Name – Get your domain name from and as far as hosting goes, I recommend anytime, anyday. You have to be careful here, because this can frustrate your effort if done wrong. I was there! As a matter of fact, I could not count the numbers of Big Brand Hosting companies that frustrated my effort when I was starting up; both from Nigeria and abroad. So, when I tell you NameCheap is the BEST – I MEAN IT!  However, it is better you order using my link; so, I can make some money for recommending Namecheap. This by any means does not increase your charges; rather, it allows NameCheap to pay me a certain commission on each sale.
  2. Autoresponder accounts – this is your primary asset, as you will need it to collect your paid customers leads. I recommend or
  3. A collection of (Master) Resell Rights products of your choice to form your unique package. 5 to 30 products are sufficient to form a low-ticket package.
  4. Credit Card Payment Processor – to accept payments. I recommend PayPal and Stripe if possible.
  5. Affiliate Program – you’ll need this to manage and recruit affiliates. You can consider, and even
  6. Sales Letter & Thank You Page – to sell your package and your Thank You page is not only used to offer download links, it should also be used to collect customer leads into your autoresponder and later recruit them as affiliates to help promote your package for you.

How To Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step

  1. Choose your collection of products with (Master) Resell Rights carefully to form your unique package.

Be sure to check out each product’s reseller license before using as each product creator’s terms and conditions vary. You want to be able to bundle the product into a paid package so make especially sure you’re really allowed to do that.

Tip: You’re only going to charge $10.00-$20.00 per package so there’s no need to necessarily bundle 50 to hundreds of products in the package. In fact, 5 to 30 low-ticket Resell Rights items will do. The newer the products are in the market, the least products you can bundle in because not many people online should have them.

  1. Write the sales letter for your package.

I cannot cover everything under the sun on copywriting in this manual alone, as it’s a subject suitable for another book, the idea and selling point behind your sales letter is that your prospects can acquire all the products at one cheap price and they can resell the products (individually or in a package) and keep 100% of the profits.

When introducing the products in your package, you can easily take an excerpt from their individual sales letters that explain their benefits so you should save a lot of time in cranking out your own words.

Tip: It’s a given that there are several reseller packages floating online and are being sold by many resellers it could spell a typical price war and bring out the meticulous search behavior among your prospects to see who offer the best prices. In this case, you would stand a better chance of winning if you acquire unique (or new) products or simply niche products, which seems to be a rare practice among Internet Marketers when it comes to reselling.

At the bottom of your sales letter, don’t forget to include your payment button so your prospects can check out with their purchase.

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  1. Create your Thank You page.

This is where the Gold Mine is! Aside from offering your customers the download link to your products, you should be including an opt-in form for your customers to fill in their details to be entered into your mailing list. In fact, you should make your customers opt into your mailing list first before getting the products they paid for.

Also, you want to take this chance to offer them to join your affiliate program so they can get started making 90-100% commissions selling the package for you to their contacts, subscribers, members, and/or customers. (See Step 6 for more details.)

  1. Set up your site and domain name.

Secure your web hosting and domain name if you haven’t just yet. The last thing you’ll want to do is upload all of your files (sales letter, thank you page, images, products, etc.) to your web host via FTP.

  1. Set up your autoresponder to capture customer leads.

As mentioned earlier, this is your asset. And the entire business goal is revolved around filling your autoresponder with paid customer leads. Once you set it up, prepare your opt-in form code and have it pasted in your Thank You page so you can collect customer leads.

  1. Set up your affiliate program and recruit affiliates.

I know it sounds crazy but you should offer 90-100% in commissions to your affiliates. This means you won’t make any or much money from up-sells but you won’t mind sacrificing this to motivate your affiliates and Joint Venture partners to promote for you.

Your ultimate goal is to build yourself a paid customers list in a short time span even if you have no list (or your own product in this case).

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It is very possible to start your affiliate program free with

Alternatively, you can take advantage of ClickBank as it has a more established marketplace with competent affiliates even though it requires a $50.00 startup fee, but still worth the investment.

  1. Launch your package.

You can launch your package on any one of the 3 selling points: scarcity, limited time offer and fire sale.

If you are taking advantage of scarcity selling point, you can pitch in that there are only X number of copies available.

Or you can let your prospects know that this offer is valid for only X number of days.

Alternatively, you can increase the urgency for your prospects to purchase your package as the price of the package will gradually increase every few days.

All in all, you want to press your prospects to act now and purchase your bundled package of Resell Rights products while it’s at its cheapest (or still available) on top of its already low price.

End result: even though you may start without a list of your own, you can build your paid customers list with the help of your affiliates and JV Partners and later on “their” customers to bring in more customers to your special customer mailing list via affiliate program and strategic planning in your Resell Rights package.

And you can achieve this without having to necessarily create your own products. However, the important success factor in selling your package effectively is how good quality and unique the products in your package are.

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