Top 19 Hot In demand Jobs For Freelancers

It is truth that freelancing is no longer the way it was years back, but not withstanding; you can still making awesome cash with the following skills.

  1. Proofreading & Editing Content: This is my best on this list. You know why? I made over $7,000 doing this between 2016 – 2017. Editing is the process of identifying and correcting grammatical, spelling, paragraphing and punctuation errors in any piece of writing. The good thing about this skill is that, there are awesome softwares that make your job easier.
  2. Graphics Designing: There is no business without the need of a graphics artist. You see, branding is all about attractive graphical representations. This craft involves brainstorming, story planning, and creation of unique audio, visual, and textual graphics. However, these jobs require specific graphics designing software proficiency.
  3. Web Designing & Development: A website involves a lot of work from the backend to give that ultimate look and user experience that makes one impressed. The job of a web designer is to bring together the ideal color schemes to match the niche market, to plan the layout and inner templates of a website in an artistically impressive way. Then comes the task of web development where these graphical illustrations are actually incorporated into the responsive templates. These jobs require exclusive designing and web language development skill proficiency.
  4. Digital Photography: Digital Photography requires light to capture, expose, and save images electronically on an image sensor. The job mostly involves product shoots as well as other types of photographic and then photo editing services for businesses.
  5. Mobile App development: This is huge! If you are following the trend, you will understand that new businesses are now coming up with mobile app instead of website.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: This involves the process of optimizing the backend and the front end of a website thoroughly to bring up to the mark, to rank it on the search engines. The Process involves research, competitor analysis, manual link building, and many other steps to accomplish assignment milestones. It is mostly a long-term, ongoing job.
  7. Business Consulting: This job requires the strong capability of a candidate to advise clients on managing, strategizing, creating and implementing better production processes, adopting latest technologies, smart HR, marketing and overall enhancement of their business or organization. The jobs can be short-term as well as long-term both depending on the service nature.
  8. Image Processing: It is a type of transformation in which the input is an image and the output could be an image or essentials of that image. The job requires proficiency in using software that focus on pattern recognition and extracts information, enhances the visuals and essences vital information.
  9. Digital Marketing: With more and more businesses turning to online exposure and representation, the level of competition is raised automatically. The job involves advertising the client’s product or service via digital channels like search engines, social media, email, mobile applications platforms and websites. These jobs are usually long-term.
  10. Brand Strategy: If it is a well-defined plan and is critically devised for the long run, a brand strategy results in the successful development of the client’s brand and directs the company towards achieving all its set goals. Customer requirements, their sentiments, and industry adversaries are key consideration factors when you are assigned this job.
  11. Audio/Video Editing: If you keep an exceptional aesthetic sense and know how to play around with audio clips and video shots to compile something new and amazing, this is your cup of tea! A few extra talents like text titling, colour modifications, sound titling, sound mixing, etc can be handy too.
  12. Social Media Management: This job is mostly paid hourly on the platform. The job requirement is to have the ability to monitor, update design, and curate content to attract audience as well as participating in social conversations across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  13. Video Advertising: With growing emphasis on visual representation of businesses, there is an increasing demand for hiring teams for creating strategy, budget, and campaign goals for video advertising. This eye-catching marketing gimmick increases the client’s company engagement with the target audience through its high definition visual and sound impacts.
  14. Debugging: Finding and fixing errors in a software or application through debugging tools is one of the most sought-after technical skill on Upwork. These jobs are mostly short-term milestone based assignments with step-by-step submission of the work.
  15. Virtual Assistant: The job is a requirement for a remotely located helper who aids businesses with administrative responsibilities like replying to emails, fixing appointments, obtaining a large clientele, etc. The ideal candidate is required to have strong internet connectivity and a prompt attitude with a good follow-up temperament.
  16. Content Strategy: This is the work ideal for individuals who love to work on creative out of box assignments. It refers to the brainstorming, planning, creation, development, management, and timely delivery of written, printed, visual, or audio content. The goal is always to engage and increase audience on the targeted platforms.
  17. Voice Over: A production technique where the voice of a random individual, who reads from a script, is used over the radio, television, movie, theatre or stage presentation. This job requires a strong attractive voice, for which the initial interviews or demo are conducted through the platform.
  18. Subtitling: This job is all about the art of translating audio-visuals into written text to enable audiences of different backgrounds to understand what is being displayed and said. It requires the ability to create content, and incorporate it accurately into the video.
  19. Accounting & Bookkeeping: Finance enthusiasts know that accounting deals with the in-depth analysis of financial data in terms of understanding, classifying, generating reports, and summarizing. An accounting specific background experience is usually the job requirement.

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