How To Sell Your Own Products On Jumia, Konga, Kaymu and Dealdey

juma+kongaFew weeks ago, someone was asking me if they could cell their imported tiles on any eCommerce website in Nigeria. Yes, you can sell either your own or imported products on major Nigeria eCommerce websites. From building materials to health related products. You can sell from ladies wears to baby’s wears. You can also sell your own books if you have published one. Selling of these eCommerce in Nigeria have their pros and cons. There are so many eCommerce springing up in Nigeria lately but i will be talking about the popular ones.

  1. Jumia
  2. Konga
  3. Dealday
  4. kaymu

Advantages of Selling On Nigeria eCommerce Websites

  1. You worry less on traffic: Most of these websites spend millions on promoting their websites. They already have the name and the traffic. So, what you enjoyed selling on any of them is their traffic strength. This is important because traffic is one important of running any online business. No traffic; no sales!!!
  2. You worry less on web hosting and domain name: These websites are for some services like hosting, domain name, SSL and many other yearly subscription services. You will also be free from all these as they shoulder the burden for you already.
  3. You worry less about website security: Yes, if you have ever own a website you will know that website security is always and issue. The websites owners are always on the edge of their game providing update and trusted security for their website’s user which cost thousands of naira if not millions.
  4. You are working with a system: The Nigeria eCommerce websites already have a working system. All you have to do is just to key inn into their already made system and start making your money.
  5. You worry less about goods delivery sometimes: when someone make a purchase; there are should be a way they will have their goods get delivered to them. if you are using any of these websites you worry less about how your goods is delivered as they can always do this in your behave. This will save you some time, efforts and money.
  6. You worry less about payment gateways: You will agree with me that implementing payment gateways on a website sometimes cost much and often times you still need to be paying some amount of money one each transactions depending on the gateway you chose to use.

Disadvantages of Selling On Nigeria eCommerce Websites

  1. You share the profits: These websites charges you some commission on each sales you made on their websites. The good news about this is that you don’t pay unless you make sales.
  2. Your money is delayed for some days: In other to protect their customers (people who came to buy on their websites). They tend to held your money for some days until the customers or buyers claims optimum satisfaction. This is because, the buyer do not know you; that is why they device that means to also protect themselves and their numerous buyers/customers.
  3. Goods might not be shipped on time: Due to some reasons your products might to be shipped on time. though this those not happen always anyway.
  4. You can still be scammed. I think you need to keep your eye open. I honestly don’t know how true it is but have heard a lady claimed being scammed by kaymu here.
  5. You are indirectly promoting someones business. However, this is a win win approach.

However, I think it is not a bad idea to sell on these ecommerce websites if you know how to play your game. Quickly, let me discuss how you can sell on any of these ecommerce websites.

How To Sell On Jumia

I think I need to tell you that Jumia is the BIGGEST of all the eCommerce in Nigeria and selling on Jumia is not always quick. There are so many processes involved in selling on Jumia! Nevertheless, I advise you to start with other eCommerce in Nigeria as they are relatively easy to join. So, while waiting for the almighty Jumia; you are already making some sales. Who knows, you might not even need Jumia again.

To start selling on Jumia; just go to


How To Sell OnKonga

Just go to and register.

How To Sell On Dealdey

Registering on Dealdey is easy. You can even start posting your products (usually called Deals on Dealdey) that very day if you get your account verified. Their registration is simple and easy – you hardly get lost.

Just go to


After registering; you will directed to a page where you need to update your profile. After updating your profile; you will still noticed that you are unable to post or create any deal. This is because you must verify you Bank details; enter your account detail and get verify – it takes few seconds.

dealdey account process

After your Bank verification; you will be sent a mail that looks like what you have below; this confirms your verification. Now, you can start making New Deals.

dealdey verivication

How To Sell On Kaymu

Personally, I have not used Kaymu before but that does not mean it’s not safe – you just have to be vigilant. Selling on Kaymu is relatively very straight forwared; just follow the steps bellow and your store is up in no time.


How to sell on kaymu

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