Tools Needed to Start eCommerce Business – Lesson Three

tools needed for ecommerce businessThanks you for following this tutorials; this is a great signal that you are on the right track. Please, leave a comment bellow in case you have any question.

Depending on the size of what you are looking at; eCommerce can be done in various sizes and shape. For the sake of clarity I have decided to divide these tools in to three different categories; from category A (being the most important tool), category B (Necessary tools) and category C (being the less important tools).

Category A (These are the MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS for your E-commerce business)

  1. Knowledge: The Bible says we should get knowledge because knowledge is the principal things. The Bible even went further that in all our doing we should understand. Knowledge like the one you are getting in a book like this cannot be over emphasis as it’s going to lead you to success in the business. It will safe you some trials by errors method and saves you lots of time.
  2. Paypal Account: You will need this to make payment or receive payment from your clients. It is the safest and most widely used online payment processor.
  3. Email: Yes!!! You will need one in case you don’t have any. This is what you will use in registering and taking mails from both your buyers and sellers. It is a most.
  4. Internet: Even if you cannot afford a modem you should be able to use a friends, family or relatives modem or better still go to a café.
  5. Computer: Desktop/Laptop, you will need one; be it borrowed or rented. If you can’t get one; then you can use the café here too, but you must have access to one.

Category B (Necessary tools)

  1. Mobile Phone: This is necessary for verification sometimes.
  2. Credit Card: In case where you don’t have a PayPal account or you don’t have money in your PayPal account. You can use either your Master Card or Verve Card e.t.c
  3. Website: You may need a website if you are trying to make more money and make it more formal.
  4. Domiciliary Account: Honestly, you don’t need one else you like to receive you money in US Dollars. This you can open in any of your local bank; just ask your bank for a domiciliary account and you will be guided on how you can get one.

Category C (less important tools)

  1. Warehouse: You honestly don’t need a warehouse. There are facilities for this.

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