This Singular Act Will Make You Stay POOR Forever

This Singular Act Will Make You Stay POOR ForeverSometimes we want something out of life but we do not know how to get it; even when you know what you want.  In most cases people who are making it and setting the pace in career and business do not have the time to mentor us. This often times get us angry and cheated; this made us fell the rich and affluent are wicked and selfish.

I bet you won’t remember the number of times you have wished a rich man evil. Just as there are certain things that you must do to be rich; so also there are certain things one can do to remain poor. If you have being close to any rich person you will know there are much different between the rich and the poor.

Personally, I know some Earnbasers who are making awesome cash with what they learnt EARNBASE for FREE. It is not because the information was FREE or PAID that makes  the difference but because they took ACTIONS! Some people we read and read but will never take actions!!!

It is true that education, family,  friends, family background and environment contributes to our level of success or achievement but much more than that IN-ACTION determines if you will be rich or poor.

This Singular Act Will Make You Stay POOR Forever - earnbaseThere are certain things that the rich do and then poor will never do! The rich believes in savings and investments why the poor don’t . The rich believes in long term investment while the poor believes in immediate gratitude.

In most cases it is not that the rich are smarter or more brilliant than anyone else neither does it mean they have access to more information than anyone else. It is just that they do something with the information the have – they take ACTIONS!

Think about all the rich people you know or you have read about; you will agree with me that they just took actions with the information they have.

Some of us must have been a millionaire by today, but we aren’t because we failed to take certain actions when necessary and the evidence are just too visible to ignore. Maybe I should start by asking you some questions to shed more light to prove my point.

What skill have you acquired this year to make you rich? Is there anyone who has made lots of money from the same skill you just acquired? What are you doing about your just acquired skills? What price are you ready to pay to move from where you are to where you want to be? No wonder an English man says ACTION speaks louder than voice!!! If you must be rich you must learn to take ACTIONS. For how long will it take you to execute your long awaited plane?

It is high time we BREAK out from whatever is holding us back and do the needful! Go learn that skill; go and start that business; go and complete that project; go and start that investment and keep the ball rolling.

If you don’t do it now; your children will ask you what you did with your youth age and will never take an excuse for an answer. So, I advice you to quit IN-ACTION and Start taking ACTIONS right away!!!

2 thoughts on “This Singular Act Will Make You Stay POOR Forever”

  1. Base on my analisis, people that died of poverty are more than those killed by any deadly diseases ever discovered on earth. Not even Ebola nor HIV. This is why I must never determine to be poor sir.

    • @Samson, thank you for following Earn Base. For us not to be poor; we must make sure we do the needful if we must be rich!
      Once again I thank you Mr. Samson for taking your time to leave useful comments.


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