How to Calculate Your Shipping Cost With NIPOST

nipostThank you for following to this point and I hope you are feeling confident already with your experience about exportation from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I am sorry because today’s post might not be for everyone. This is because the documents by which I shall be explaining this method is available here.

Today, I shall be talking about how you can calculate your shipping cost with NIPOST. This is necessary because NIPOST is the cheapest means of exporting from Nigeria at the moment.

I know you probable don’t like Mathematics like me. Even if you don’t like Mathematics; you can still be assure that you will get this explanation as I have taking my time to explain it to detail with no assumption.

However, there are two types of exporting services offered by NIPOST

  1. Conventional
  2. EMS

The conventional is cheaper compared to the EMS and it’s believe to be slower. If you decide to export by conventional; your goods might be talking up to two weeks While it will take just 3 to 4 days with EMS.

Just like every good business man reducing cost and maximizing profit is our goal here. that is why we are going to choose the conventional method. In fact, that is what I have used!

For those who have gotten the materials. You will have two documents in two different  categories.

One for calculating goods below 2kg while the other is use to calculate goods above 2kg.

Please click here to order and I will send you the video immediately along with your order!

The truth is that if you refuse to learn this calculation now. You will be paying your profit to NIPOST because those guys are going to ripe you off. Remember, ignorant is not an excuse!!!

Meanwhile, you could have equip yourself with little cost here.

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