There Is No Pride Without Knowledge

Over the past weeks; I have been busy making sure I help as many people as I can. There is no doubt that lots of lives have been blessed through the FREE Skill Acquisition training organized by Global Evangelical and Prayer Ministry over the weekend. In all honesty, this was not an easy task, but it was worth every bit of the stress.

It is true that our Governments are doing their best; unfortunately, their best was not enough. Over the last weekend; I was in a FREE entrepreneurship training organized by Global Evangelical and Prayer Ministry with some of my good friends – NoLimitPlus (, BBSAfrica (, Paradize On Earth Events and D_DebbyGold Makeover. Where we delivered extensive tutorial on Mini Importation, Web Design, Photography, Makeup and Event Decoration.

During the training, there were lots of eye openers; has participants could not withhold their joy. Most of which confirmed that the information given at the training were worth more than what was given through the various paid even they have attended.

You see, there is a huge different between being trained and being well trained. For those who have been under my training; you can confirm I do not hold back any information when teaching; so, also were my friends facilitating other courses – we simply gave our best.

Let me quickly make this clear; one of the things you should pride yourself in is knowledge – remember, applied knowledge is power.

One of the fascinating things that also happened at the event was the networking between myself and some loyal readers of this blog – EarnBase. There were some people who have being longing to meet me, and we were able to meet over the weekend, as a result of this program. It was indeed an awesome experience giving back to the society. This even was not just loaded with real information; it was also covered by Guidance newspaper.

Here are some of the reviews left by the attendees…

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