The Place Of Character In Building Business Connection – Olu Akerele

Here is a detailed post on how Olu Akerele became affluent with the like of MKO Abiola. When I was in the university, I hate going to motivational events; I only go to events where the audience will share practical and practicable life experience; not what they think, but rather, what worked for them. One of such event, the speaker shared how she got 500 hectares of land for free, just because she was kind. I won’t be sharing that story today, rather, I will be sharing the singular act of kindness that changes Olu Akerele’s life for good. However, it is important that this is not just what I think; as I am also a living testimony of such act – I have practiced it more than one occasion, and it has never failed. Below are the words of Olu Akerele himself, on how his act of kind gesture to Simbiyatu Abiola changed is life.

“I was just the Chief correspondent of Concord newspaper then, and NPN had a convention in Sokoto, where we were as a staff of Concord newspaper. At that time MKOI was at the convention as the NPN chairman of Ogun state, with her mother-in-law and wife (Simbiyatu Abiola).”

“At that time, Concord reporters were the only reporters with cars, and I had a new Bintu car back then. When I got to the press village – a place given to the reporters, I decided to go and greet the BIG MKO –  my publisher. The moment he saw me, he referred to me as his friend, and embrace me cheerfully; I was shocked – me your friend? I am just an employee sir; I said within myself. Immediately, he called his wife (Simbiyatu); one of our staff is here – Olu. As if we were associates – I was still in total amazement; as I was not in any way close to his wealth or affluence – I was just a bloody chief correspondent.”

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“Then, I left to greet mummy (Simbiyatu Abiola), but I noticed she was worried. So, I asked, mummy, hope no problem? And she said those people who packed our luggage left out our brushes and toothpaste, and the laundry people were not answering them, as some of their clothes were still un-iron, against the convention night. Quickly, I offer to help. I took the cloths and called a friend to help me iron them, while I went to buy toothbrushes and paste – that was the beginning of my turning around. I never knew it’s all that will transform my life forever. You see, that singular unofficial act of kindness pays more than my official responsibility.”

Sometimes, you don’t have to do something BIG to get something BIG in returns; most times, all that is required for that BIG transformation is just a humble act of kindness.

However, it’s unfortunate that most of our youth these days won’t do anything without a financial gain. Some of them will even tell you their job description, if you are trying to ask them to do things outside their job description. In life; people won’t be moved by what you do for money; rather they will be moved by the reason behind why you do what you did.

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