The Complete Guide On How To Start Data Sharing Business


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Here is my latest post on how to start selling 1GB of MTN for 600. This is the latest (2018) guide to start the DATA BUNDLE BUSINESS

It is another beautiful piece coming from the table of EarnBase. Just like every other posts; it promises to be interesting, education and liberating. This is because we are keen on what we teach on Earn Base. There are reasons why am happy writing this post. One of them is that; I won’t start defining some terms as you are familiar with every term that we shall be using in this post. Or do I need to define what a data is? Maybe, I will have what a mobile phone is then. Oh, I hope you are not thinking of data as raw fact? lol

Anyway, a Data is an access giving by a telecommunication company to use their network to browse. While Data Bundle is a deal offered by a telecommunication company (GLO, MTN, ETISALAT and AIRTEL) that gives you (for example) 500 MegaBytes of Data for a set price.

Data Sharing is the latest business in town as the rate of using data in Nigeria as increased. This is because everybody you see in Nigeria of today; wants to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and even … Earn Base. lol

The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Start Recharge Card And Data Sharing Business In 2017

The number of people using mobile phones are on the increase; which is another cool reason why data sharing is a lucrative business. Another thing why I love this business is because you are making your profit from the network and not on your customers in most cases. It is just like you re given a discount for bulk purchase.

In this post, we shall be talking about everything you need to know about this business from start to finish. We shall be talking on:

  1. What you need to start the business
  2. How to start the business

What Do You need to start Data Sharing Business?

Before, we go into what you will need to start a data sharing business; I think we need to discuss what data sharing is. Data share is simply the buying and reselling of data bundle. Just like I said earlier you buy large quantity and you seller out in piece.

However, I think it is important you know that only MTN, GLO, and ETISALAT are doing data sharing services as at the time of writing this post.

So, what do you need to star data sharing business? You need your phone be it iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Nokia touch light. All will do the same work. Secondly, you will need a new SIM card; it is better you use a new sim card because you are going to be migrating to a special plan – this is called Sim Activation/Migration.

How to start MTN Data Share Business

Step 1: SIM Activation/Migration

This is the process where you migrate from whatever plan you are to MTN SME DATA SHARE PLAN. This is the plan that allows you to buy data in bulk from MTN and resell at profit. If not; you won’t be permitted to do the business – period.

This migration is done by SENDING SMS 465 to 131. This will migrate you to  MTN SME DATA SHARE PLAN. You may have to try this several time before you are migrated; you know our Naija network as e bi now. So, after activating your SIM or migrating to MTN DATA SHARE PLAN what next?

Step 2: Purchasing DATA

Load your SIM with the right amount to purchase the desired data plan. But before then I think we need to know the data plans available by MTN. As at the time of this publication; here are the data plans offered by MTN through SME DATA SHARE.


After you have loaded your SIM with the right amount to purchase the DATA. The next thing will be to DIAL *461# and follow the guide. Immediately you dial the above codes; you will receive a message that looks like this:

  1. SME Data Purchase
  2. Check SME Data Balance
  3. Register SME Data Share
  4. Change Pin
  5. SME Data Share
  6. Check Beneficiary List
  7. Data Share Balance

Of course, you will have to reply with the right digit/number before your desired Action. For example: you will have to reply with 1 for SME Data Purchase; 3 to Register SME Data Share (This mean, registering the number you are sending Data to) and 7 for Data Share Balance e.t.c Oh, I almost forgot we were trying to Purchase DATA SHARE. So, we are going to reply with…? 1 CORRECT!!!

Immediately after you reply with 1; you will get this message:

SME bundle for 30days

  1. 10GB @ 10000
  2. 20GB @ 18000
  3. 50GB @ 42000
  4. 75GB @ 52500



The next thing will be that you reply with the right number depending on the Data Bundle you are buying. For example, if you are buying 10GB of data; you will reply with 1, and that will cost you 10,000. If you want 20GB; you will reply with 2 and it will cost you …? 18,000! Can you give me the codes for 40GB, 60GB, and 70GB? Next step will be …

Step 3: Register SME Data Share

By this; it means you are having a virtual space that will now allow you to start selling DATA. To do this? You will Dial *461# and reply with 3 which allows you to Register SME Data Share.

Step 4: Change Your PIN

Dial *461# and reply with 4. then you will be prompted to “Enter Your Old PIN” Reply by 0000 (Zeros in four places). Immediately you do that you will be prompted to “Enter Your New PIN” in a new screen; enter your desired PIN – for me, I entered “1234”. lol It is mandatory you change your PIN for security reasons.

Step 5: SME Data Share/Selling Data

This is when you have to send data to a client or customer. All you have to do is Dial *461# and reply with 5 (Which mean sending/sharing data with someone else – your customer). After that you will be shown the available data bundle size:

  1. Share 250M
  2. Share 500M
  3. Share 750M
  4. Share 1GB


00.Main Menu

Then you will reply with 4 for Share 1GB (remember you are limited to 10 shares; so, 1GB is always your best share. Ok?). After you have replied with 4; you will then be prompted to “Enter Beneficiary Phone”; reply by entering the buyer’s phone number. After that you will be prompted to “Enter Your PIN”; then reply by entering your PIN.

How Do You Know If The Customer Got The DATA?

There are three ways to confirm this.

  1. Check Your Beneficiary List: This list will display the number of people you have sold to. Dial *461# and reply with 6; this will display all your beneficiaries and send you an SMS containing all your beneficiaries.
  2. Check Your Data Share Balance: This will allow you to know the amount of Data left in you account. By this you will be able to tell if the data you sent was deducted from your data balance or not. If it was deducted it means the buyer will receive the data sooner or later. this also serves as a monitor; it helps your to know when next to by more DATA. Dial *461# ans reply with 7.
  3. Ask The Buyer To Check His/Her Data Balance: This is indeed your last option. if peradventure you are on able to check using the above two methods in case of bad network. Then your buyer is your next option. Just ask him politely and he will be able to help.



Glo is undoubtedly one of the best networks for internet browsing. However, Glo does not have a direct Data Share like MTN does but there is a way around this. We use Glo Family and Friends as a substitute for Glo Data Share since they have none for now. This means that you must always remove your beneficiary after each transaction because Family and Friends are limited in numbers.

How To Add Data Beneficiaries To Your Glo Line

  •  dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or
  •  SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127

How To Share Glo Data Plan With The Beneficiaries

  • Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]# or
  • SMS “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127

How To Remove Data Beneficiaries From Your Glo Line

  •  dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# or
  •  SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127

How To Show List Of Data Beneficiaries On Your Glo Line

  •  dial *127*00# or
  •  SMS “List” to 127

Case closed! It’s that simple!!



I personally like calling this network ” A-Ke-hin-de Gbe-gbon” that is; “it came last but become the senior”. ETISALAT is crazy when it comes to internet SPEED – no controversy! If you see the CEO tell him I said so!! lol

So, how do you make money with this awesome Naija network?


  • 10GB goes for N10,000
  • 15GB goes for N15,000
  • 20GB goes for N18,000


Step 1: Dial *200#

Step 2: Press 3 to choose ‘Data Menu Option’

Step 3:  Proceed to ‘Family Plans Option’

Step 4: Select the ‘Opt in to Family Plans’

Step 5: Confirm your selection

Step 6: Begin a new process by dialing *200#

Step 7: Proceed to ‘Data Menu Option’

Step 8: Choose ‘Buy Data Plan’ to buy your preferred data plan

Step 9: Return to Data Menu and choose ‘Family Plan Option’

Step 10: Go to the ‘Share Data Menu’

Step 11: Add recipients and data volume


Step 1: From your phone, dial *917#

Step 2: Buy your preferred data plan

Step 3: Share data with your customers by dialing *229*9*PIN*DataVolume*PhoneNumber*3#

36 thoughts on “The Complete Guide On How To Start Data Sharing Business”

  1. pls can you state out the code we can dial to migrate to an SME plan on each of the network (MTN, Glo, 9mobile and airtel)

  2. This is nice, how many ways can we be paid for the data transaction by our customers. and how many month will the data last for the customers

  3. Thanks for the article. You said as for MTN SME Data sharing you can add only 10 recipients if one bought 10Gbs. But I currently buy data from one in multiples of 500mb. So how then do you think he does it.? Don’t wanna ask him, so he doesn’t feel competed with. Or has changes been made to it?

  4. Please i can’t see the profit in this business.
    When i buy 10gb for 10,000 and i see people selling SME data for 1gb for 600. WHERE’S the profit. Please i need to be more enlightened here

  5. Good morning Sir! I really appreciate your contributions and knowledge on how to make business on share data bundle.
    Please I want to start the share data business with Etisalat network. How can I create SME share data pin? And the right tariff plan to be used?
    Best regards

  6. What happen in a situation where the Data bought by the seller start counting down expiration days, being that its for 30days? That’s if he hasn’t finished selling immediately.

  7. thank for information sir. Sir am a stay at home mum with kid .i feel like going into the data share biz or if have another alternative for me . Pls help me out. Thanks in anticipation for a favorable response sir.

    • @Yetunde, this is not the best business this season because Data is very cheap now than ever. So, people are not buying data from individual again.
      However, if you need a business to do from home while not try Fiverr, affiliate, importation or exportation.
      I hope this helps. Thanks for visisting EARNBASE.

      • Tanx for the information. please hw can i start d fiverr,affiliate,importation or exportation biz with leaving my home. Please with d problem of exchange will d biz of importation or exportation going to be ok at this time. if is going to be d way forward

        • @Yetunde, even with the high exchange rate people still do importation. However, this exchange rate is good for exporters in Nigeria because we are paid in Dollars.
          Meanwhile, if you like to learn about importation and exportation visit the section on EARNBASE with the menu ” Import and export”. If you want to learn how to make money with fiverr and affiliate programs visit EARNBASE menu “Online”.
          I hope this is helpful.
          Thanks for visiting EARN BASE.

  8. Thank u so much earn base,God bless u real good for d transparency n ur honesty. Am a stay a home mum n somebody told me about this biz n would have just jumped into it but I decided to just even read about it n urs is d first piece am reading about it,tnk u for not allowing me to go commit money into what I would have regretted. But I really want to do biz as am at home wit my baby now, n still have time. Pls any ideas… Tnk u

    • You are always welcome. Feel FREE to always ask your questions when in doubt; we will do out best to provide answers to all questions.
      Thanks once again for checking EARN BASE

    • @Vivian, data sharing is an old business. It doesn’t sell well like it used to because you can now get 1Gig of MTN for 500 with MTN and 12Gig for just 3,000 with Glo.
      So, this is not a business for this season because the game as changed ma.
      However, I encourage you to keep checking EARNBASE for business updates and ideas.

  9. Pls if I purchase d bundle and I start selling to own is to expire in a Month wat will apn to my customer data that month l,will exceed or expire same month?

    • @ Dayo, very intelligent question bro. Honestly, i do not know because i do not expect you to run out of data since you are using it for business. that means that, as soon as you buy more data your expiring date will be extended.

    • @Adewale, thanks for finding Earn Base very useful. However, I do like to let you know that all you need are included in the information above. Meanwhile, I will like you to know that the business is not as lucrative as it use to be because of the DATA Bundle WAR between MTN, GLO and AIRTEL.
      Please, let me know if you still need more clarification.


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