The Cheapest Way To Ship From Nigeria To USA – Fast

This is unbelievable!!! This is by far the cheapest way to Ship From Nigeria To USA.

Currently, there are almost no delivery restrictions. You can order and receive any product you want in the United State from Nigeria.

The Cheapest Way To Ship From Nigeria To USA

When shipping from Nigeria to the United States, you can bring anything from textiles such as Ankara, Adire, Aso-Oke, Akwa-Ocha, George, traditional home-made beads, costumes, to food items and much more. All relevant information has been compiled into a single post.

Shipping goods from Nigeria to the United States has never being this simple and inexpensive.

When we think of Nigerian goods, we immediately think of ankara, snails, ogbono, ginger, bitter-cola, mellon (Egusi), bitter leaf, pumpkin leaves (Ugwu), and so on.

That is why I will be discussing with you today The Cheapest Way To Ship From Nigeria To USA. Trust me, there is no shipping method cheaper than this at the moment.

Warning: Make sure you carefully read through to the end – no line skip!!!

It’s another ember time, and people are already gathering money for the end of the year; so, I will be sharing with you the cheapest way to send goods from Nigeria to United State.

Come to think of it; do you know you can send your items to USA from Nigeria for just Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira (₦750)? I deliberately wrote in words and figures; so, you don’t think it was a mistake.

This is already good news for those who are into export; so, why not join them and start earning in dollars?

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The Cheapest Way To Ship From Nigeria To USA

Remember the early igbo rich guys – the importers and exporters. They are usually the richest – e get why… Even Obi Kubana confirms he trained more than 150 guys in importation; that should pass a message to you.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

problems facing young exporters in Nigeria

There are basically Three problems facing young exporters in Nigeria.

  1. Getting Foreign Contacts: These are people who are going to buy your goods in the USA (EarnBase already preferred solution to this years ago with our Foreign Buyers Contacts List).
  2. Exportation Documents: EarnBase also has solutions to this in our Foreign Buyer Contact List)
  3. The Cheapest Way To Ship To USA: Before now; our best option was NACO or NIPOST, but not anymore; as I will be sharing with you the cheapest company to use when exporting outside Nigeria.

This is possible through consolidated shipping.

What is consolidated shipping?

This is the case where different customers goods are stored into the container to share the shipping cost – it is also called shared container shipping. For example…

If you are sending a good of 5k to USA; this company will collect it and send it out with other customers goods going to the same route; thereby reducing the overall cost of shipping.

The Cheapest Way To Ship From Nigeria To USA

Is simply going through ShipToNaija.

They will help you ship, clear in the USA and also deliver to your customers at ₦750 per kg.

And to make this easier for you. I am going to be dropping their details below:

Details Of ShipToNaija

Their Office Address:

11 Ajibade oke street off Asa-afariogun Road, Ajao estate

Delivery Time:

6-8 weeks.

Next Container Shipping:


So, if you have anything to sell to the outside world; now is the best time to start with the high rate in dollar.

If you have never exported anything before and you truly want to start doing something this year; then I am going to give you a special offer for today only.

This is already selling for 55,500 but I am going to give you for just N26,500 for today only. So, hurry while the offer last.

However, if you are still doubting whether to jump on this or not; you can just read more on international business on wikipedia.

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