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sure ways to make money online3No jokes!!! As I am going to be dishing out some sure ways to make Real money online. Please, don’t miss quote me. I know there are lot of ways to make money online, but some are tested and trusted! Believe me, there are so many ways that claims hundreds to thousands of dollars but are PURE scam when tested.

There are some people who claim to be making some outrageous amount of money on HYIP, Survey, Reading Mails, Clicking Mails and many other online making money ways. The truth be told; most of these online business will not work in Nigeria if they ever work. I personally recalled my ugly experience with HYIP some years ago. I was introduced to HYIP by a friend who claims making some money anyway.

I lost all my investment the week that follows. Since then I have decided to be very careful with he kind of online business I follow. Aside from losing your money; there are some online business or job that will just waste your megabyte and your time. I remember another one that was introduced to me some time by a friend called Captcha…

I do not know if he makes money or not but I found it very difficult making a cent. I just wasted my megabyte and time. Maybe, I was not doing it right anyway.

However, there have been some business that I knew of since 2008 and are still rocking the internet business till today. Those are the online business or job I will be talking about. What they are and how they simply work.

Irrespective of the kind of online business you are doing; I have come to realize that nothing takes the place of knowledge. Whatever it takes; you must have the required skill and knowledge to make any money online.

Make Money Computer Key



This is the process whereby you sell someone else products and you are given a commission for selling. This is usually done by promoting your affiliate link either on social media websites or on your own blog either free or paid.

So, who is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate (also known as a publisher) is a person or company promoting products and services offered by merchants (websites) thereby receiving commission for these referrals.

And who is a merchant?

A merchant (also known as the retailer or brand) offers products and services to affiliates to promote rewarding the affiliates by paying a certain amount of commission. e.g Amazon, Ebay, Jumia, Konga and many other websites


A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). It is a form of website that is updated regularly with information. e.g

CPA (Cost Per Action)

This is when you are paid for a specific action performed. This is possible by some so called CPA networks and here is how it works.

Some websites owner will require a specific task to be done by a customer. It might be to just fill your phone number or email or even your postal code. Yes CPA can be that simple!

You will register with the CPA network in other to have the actions that the websites owners wanted. Then you will find a way buy which will perform that action. As soon as the actions are completed you have being paid your commission.


A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer in long-term. Usually for you to be a freelance worker; you will need to have a skill that you are willing to offer in exchange for catch. This means that if you don not have any skill already then freelance work is not for you.

There are websites that gets clients as a freelancer. When you finish your work you will be paid and the website that connects you will take a commission of your money. This commission will be deducted on each job you complete.

Google Adsense:

AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers (website’s owner) who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. Google Adsense has been around for a very long time; it’s being tested and trusted by so many people in the world.

Information product

Information is the knowledge or collected facts about a specific subject. This means that any collected fact about any subject at all is called information – that is why it’s called processed data. So, what is a Product?

A Product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

This simply means that Information Product, is packaging what you know (your knowledge or idea to others) to offer to the market to solve a particular problem. It’s paramount to know that everybody needs one information or the other; because I don’t need that information does not mean others do not need it. That is one major reason why Information product will always sell. Don’t forget the saying that says: “good information rules the world!’ Akin Alabi made his first million Naira through information product.

There are so many ways to make money online, but these are the ways have tried before.

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