Step By Step Guide On How To Start VTU Business

I have made series of posts on this business lately, and am determined to roll out the final info on how to start this VTU business, the right way. You see, there are so many Apps that claim to do the same, but this Jumia One App is simply the BEST.

If you have gone through my previous posts on Jumia One, and the VTU businesses; you would see why this App is just the best. You can click here to check them out.

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So, what are the things you can do with Jumia One App?

6 Reasons To Use Jumia One App

However, in today’s post; I am going to be going deeper on how you can use the App for VTU Business, without holding back any information. So, how do you start a VTU business with this App? Before I talk about how to run a VTU Business with Jumia One App; I think it’s necessary to know the things needed for you to start the business.

5 Things You Need To Start VTU Business

  1. A working mobile phone (Android or iPhone)
  2. Internet Data
  3. At least 1,000
  4. Social Media Accounts e.g Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  5. A Designed Image For The VTU Business (An image that tells what you do. This is the image you will share on social media and also use as DP – Display Picture on WhatsApp)

5 Steps To Start A VTU Business In Nigeria Using Jumia One App

Step 1: Register on Jumia if you have not done so (

Step 2: Download the JumiaOne App here (

Step 3: Login with your Jumia details (Remember you just created an account on Jumia)

Step 4: Pick a service (e.g Buy recharge card, Buy Data, subscribe for Dstv or Gotv, Pay PHCN and many more)

Step 5: Follow the guide

Let us give an example…

For instance, let say I want to sell recharge card of 100 (Hundred naira) to a client.

Practical Steps

Step 1: I will go to the JumiaOne App, and Choose AIRTIME (Since I want to sell recharge card to a client). This is where you pick the service you want to use. Definitely, this depends on what you are trying to do! Ok?

Step 2: Choose one of the common telecommunication in Nigeria (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO or 9mobile). For this example, I am going to choose MTN

Step 3: Then I will enter the Client’s Phone Number, and Amount of Recharge Card (e.g 100)

Step 4: You will then be taken to a page to confirm your order. To be sure, it’s exactly what you want – right?

Step 5: Now, you will have to login or create an account with JUMIA if you don’t have one. Remember, we did this before we started? So, all I need is to enter my email and password – Chikena!

Step 6: Here, you will need to add your ATM Card details, and you do a final check on your order, to be double sure it’s what you wanted. Then click on the PAY NOW Button and you will be taken to the OTP page.

Step 7: Then enter the OTP (The numbers you will receive in your email or SMS to confirm the transaction)

Then you will receive an SMS that confirms your transaction, while your client will also be credited accordingly.

Common Questions On Using JumiaOne App

Question 1: Is the App Safe?

Answer: Yes! As it is own by the largest e-commerce website in Nigeria. If Jumia can be safe, then, JumiaOne is safe!

Question 2: Do I receive the charge back (the money I made with this App) into my bank account?

Answer: No! The money made (charge back) will be deducted in your next transaction. e.g if you make 5 now when you buy 100 card. In your next purchase, you will have to pay 95 naira instead of 100 naira.

Question 3: Will my client know I used JumiaOne App?

Answer: No! Your client won’t know you use JumiaOne, which is another good thing about this App. Your business is protected bro.

Question 4: Is it fast?

Answer: Yes! For all the times have used the App, have never been disappointed.

Question 5: What happens if I need help?

Answer: To be honest, I have never seen any customer service like this JumiaOne. Those guys are gooder! I mean, they will even call you until your problem is solved. They are very reliable, in my experience.

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  1. U mean if i want to fund my wallet, no charges(%) ll be deducted from my account or from the money i want to fund with.


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