How To Start VTU Business With ZERO Capital 100% FREE

Yes, you read the heading correctly! It is no longer news that multiple stream of income is the way to go, with the right understanding of money. You see, if you want to be rich; you will need to start taking note of your small small expenses. These are the things the rich understand – every kobo counts. So, if you are not too proud to learn, and do not think 5% of every N100 (hundred naira) is too small; then read on.

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Except you are not in Nigeria; you will understand that Nigeria Banks don’t do humanitarian services. No wonder there is no Bank in Nigeria that is not doing the VTU business. So, if the banks are not ignoring the VTU business; why should you?

For those who understand data; here are some quick facts from NCC:

  • Telecom sector currently contributes N15trn to the nation’s GDP
  • 152,467,198 is the total number of GSM subscribers as at of March, 2017
  • 89,972,792 is the total number of internet subscribers for mobile GSM as at of March, 2017

Data Source:

Ways of Loading Recharge Cards

There are basically two ways of loading recharge cards or airtime – call it whatever you like, they both mean the same thing.

  1. Physical loading: By this, I mean, you buy an already printed recharge card, scratch the surface, and load the PIN via USSD (the telecom code you press before loading your cards. E.g *555* for MTN, *123* for Glo e.t.c).
  2. Electronic Loading (VTU): By this, I mean, you or someone else just credit your mobile number from an app – be it mobile or web app. Usually, this means that your phone number will be directly credited with the amount of recharge card by a VENDOR (A vendor is someone selling you the VTU – g I am my own vendor. Lol). With this method, there is no need to scratch any card, neither is there a need to load with USSD.  The buyer will just receive an alert that his or her mobile number has been credited or topped up including all benefits that come with recharging. So, it doesn’t matter whether you load via USSD or VTU; as you still get the same benefits. By benefit, I mean all the promos that come with loading a recharge card.

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So, what exactly is VTU?

It is simply an electronic way of buying recharge card via an app – be it mobile or web app.

Advantages of VTU

  1. Minimal startup capital; as low as 100
  2. No startup FEE
  3. No convenience FEE (The fee charged by banks when you use their mobile App for subscription)
  4. No need for a printer
  5. You are not geographically limited
  6. Bill payment services e.g DStv/GOtv, Startimes e.t.c
  7. You can sell any denomination i.e 150, 370, 250, instead of the regular 100, 200 airtime.
  8. You are available 24/7 (Only does who comment will get this trick)
  9. No Scratching of Cards
  10. No Using of USSD

Disadvantages of VTU

  1. Electricity; as you need power on your phone or laptop
  2. Internet is needed

So, How Do You Become A VTU Vendor FOR FREE?

Before I go into that, I will like to point out some things here. You see, there are lots of VTU platforms and App available, but this is by far the best, for the following reasons.

  1. It is FREE to join
  2. Highest commission or chargeback – 5%
  3. No convenience fee
  4. It is safe and secure
  5. No need for multiple SIMs

Things Needed To Be A VTU Vendor

  1. Internet-enabled phone
  2. Internet data

How To Be A VTU Vendor FREE

  1. Download the JumiaOne App here
  2. Register, and start selling

Finally; to get my free manual on how to make money from this APP. Just comment on this post and share it on your Facebook wall.

45 thoughts on “How To Start VTU Business With ZERO Capital 100% FREE”

  1. Good morning Sir, I tried making a transaction with the Jumiaone app. I realized that my bank name (first bank) is not included in their bank list under the payment method page. Pls is it advisable to use credit card for the transactions? and if there is any way I can do it without the credit card option kindly let me know

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have a manual on this. Just read through the various posts I made on the app, and you will understand it better. Thanks for checking out earnbase.

    • I downloaded the appand started the business as expected. But three days into the business, I wanted to purchase airtime of #20k but was unable to get it transacted till now. I have written to jumia and even my bank but yet since then no more business for me when me my clients are waiting and losing patience.

      This morning, I received mails from jumia and my bank that the issue has been handled and I can go ahead with NY business but ooppps, I tried recharging NY airtime but the old story keeps popping up.

      I want to know if there is any limit to the amount of airtime one can recharge per day cos I a confused.

      Am just starting to enjoy the business only toe shut out at it with no explanation.


      • I don’t get it; was your money debited without remitting airtime or you were unable to purchase the airtime. The was you panted the whole story makes me think that JumiaOne debited you without remitting the airtime. Please, clarify! As for the question about purchasing limit? I honestly don’t know. I will suggest you direct this question to JumiaOne or you buy in bit. Like, 2,000 2,000…. I hope you understand?

        • I wasn’t debited at all. The message read the “due to technical issues, the transaction couldn’t be completed.

          Another read that ” my bank stopped the transaction ” and advised I use another payment method. But even using another of my debit card could still not go. This happened this last week Thursday and till date, it’s not yet rectified.

          Though they emailed me to sign out and sign in again to begin business, I tried but yet no amends on it. It was a friend who said the limit is #6k per day, and since I had already recharged gotv and dstv on that same day amounting to that amount, maybe, the limit has been reached and I was blocked.

  2. I’ve just downloaded the jumia app as instructed but how do I go about it so I can start making money from the app. Thank you very much for all the info you give out at no cost us the beneficiaries.

  3. Nice article sir
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful business idea and I will be glad if you put us through how to make more money with the app


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