How to Start Your Own Successful Bulk SMS Business – Lesson One

bulk sms businessOn that faithful day, I was on my way to school when a message came to my phone. It bears the name ‘Pastor’ and the message reads:  “you are cordially invited to our upcoming thanks giving service coming up next Sunday @ no 30….” At first I was shocked because I do not have any contact on my phone bearing pastor. Immediately, I proceed to call the number at the end of the message and it was my youth pastor! That was the first time I received customized bulk sms. Later I went to my youth pastor to ask him more about the customized bulk sms message I received and he told all he knew. Can you remember how many times you have received messages from people you don’t know? Do you wonder why the message displays their names even when you don’t have their number on your contact list?

Yes, you are also in the business; there is no room to stand on the fence! It is either you are making money through it or spending money on it or you are just reading it why someone somewhere is making the money. Gone are those days when people stands away from technology; these days there is nothing like I.T isolation.

An average Nigerian will send bulk sms twice a week while he or she will receive an average of three sms per week either from family, friends, clients, associates or any private or public organization.

I got to know that more than 70% of the Nigerian population uses mobile phones with basic features of receiving and sending sms. 80% of this population can read, at least if not fluently. 95% of this population will read their sms while 90% of them will delete the sms after reading. It is also good to know that at least 37% of those who read the message will take action if the information was actually valuable and was directed to the targeted audience.

Bulk SMS business? Quickly, the language bulk means large number or majority; SMS means Short Message System while Business simply means how you or anyone can make money from this system.

So, what are the advantages of bulk sms?

  1. You can send to many people at the same time
  2. It is the cheapest means of sending messages across.
  3. It is very reliable
  4. It is effective and efficient.
  5. It is customizable
  6. The receiver does not need to save your number before your name appears
  7. It breaks all barriers as it will always get to the receiver even at odd hours.
  8. It delivers as the receiver will read at first if at all will still delete the message.

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