How To Sell More; The 7 Figure Mindset

“When you keep providing more and more value, people will spend more and more money to keep working with you” – Russell Brunson

When you have spied on the market and you have decided on the product or service you would want to offer, this brings us to the next important element; The 7 Figure Mindset.

What does a 7 Figure Mindset comprise of?

This means you are always aware that you are serving your customers in different stages. The different stages also comprise of different values.

The higher you and your customer climb the different stages, the higher the value added and given. This also means you are paid more. Believe me, a percentage of your audience will always want to pay you premium to get more value. Your goal is to scale it higher every time you promote your offer.

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Let me provide you with an example. Let’s say you filled in a survey online for a hair salon. In exchange, you get a free hair wash from the salon. When you visit the salon for the treatment, the staff attending to you will point out that your hair is dry and you need more than a regular hair wash. The staff will then suggest you sign up for a moisturizing hair treatment.

Then, the staff will point out that if you opt for the hair treatment, you’ll get a hair curl treatment for a special price. When you do, they will notify you that your curls need to be maintained and you can schedule an appointment with the salon 3 months later.

Have you noticed the trend here? The salon has strategically carried you through different value stages. From a free service, you are walking out of the salon potentially paying them hundreds to thousands.

Firstly, you are offered a free service, which is technically bait to lure you into their system. Second, the salon provided you with value by noticing that you had dry hair. Because you have received value, you naturally want to proceed and obtain more from the salon.

Thirdly, the salon found another way to provide value to you, and this time aesthetically. Consumers usually fall for the offer as well. By the end of the process, the staff indirectly took you into their continuity program, where you need to attend further treatment to maintain your curls. Continuity is where you continue to pay weekly, monthly or yearly for a service until you choose to cancel it. This salon has perfectly executed their Value Ladder.

When you are clear of the values you would want to project and present to your customers, you will automatically generate your sales funnel, set up your backend systems and generate leads for you. Don’t be surprised if some of your customers are willing to pay you hundred thousands of dollars for your high-end service, as they acknowledge the fact that you are able to provide them with the highest value. If you understand this approach; making money won’t be difficult for you.

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