See What Indians Are Doing To Boost Their Economy


Hello Earnbasers,

I am please to write you this piece as a source of hope to us all. I think Indian is coming after China at a speed of light. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that Nigeria is going to be great again if we all do our best!

Sometimes it was the talk of USA and UK. Later the game turns to China. I remember some years back that I personally will not buy anything from China. Back then; if your Laptop is China – it’s FAKE period. At that time people will prefer to buy a fairly used UK laptop than buying a new Laptop from China. I remember when people will call lousy people China; this was because China phones at that time makes the loudest noise – you remember? It was Tecno!!! Now Tecno as become the Nokia of our time!!! There best products in China are sold to Nigeria. From kitchen utensils, to kitchen cabinets, to tiles and house amenities, our bulbs are all made in China. The best electronic now in Nigeria is made in China – Out TV, Radio, Dvds, Cd, Computers, Toys, Power bank, Hot plates, Phones, Clothes (even laces), Hair for ladies, Cream, Soap, Tea, Blenders, Grinders, Fans, Heavy duty machines, Cars and everything we use in Nigeria. In fact, we now have China made human! lol

Let me say its our fate or our leaders or even we the followers; permit me to continue with my subject because I don’t want to be political! USA, UK and China are gone and gone forever!!! I am not sure if Nigeria can ever Meet and surpasses these countries in economic development; as for human – we have it! China development happens before our very eye. Are we going to let India leave us behind?

Presently, Indians are known to be brilliant in Medical, I.T and Movies but not in building machines or mobiles like they are doing now. Maybe you don’t know that the FIRST FULL AC ELECTRONIC BIKE was built in Indian. This singular invention is capable of increasing India GDP by 40% – I know you know what that means? I wish this happened in Nigeria!!!

This full AC bike is called; Peraves mototracer, and it worth 52,500 Euro which is equivalent to 11,910,373.22 Naira. This Full AC Bike, is more expensive than some luxury cars currently in the market; the cost of this Bike will buy some SUV in Nigeria! This air condition BIKE is the only BIKE with both sport bike and sport car facilities. This air condition is powered by a powerful air breathing engine that generates awesome amount of power. It will save you from rain, sun or the fast blowing winds while riding; it’s an amazing bike with cabin from Swiss company Peraves.

air-conditioned-bike-12 air-conditioned-bike-11 air-conditioned-bike-10 air-conditioned-bike-6 air-conditioned-bike-5 Ac-Bike-In-India air-conditioned-bike-1


My India friend told me that Indians work environment is very challenging. He said employer puts pressure on you to work and work and work – this is called ‘attrition’ he said. I also had course to ask my Nigerians friend who have worked with Indians; they said they love to work and make you work – it is there way of life and not wickedness.


Nigerians are not lazy either! I believe if our governments do the right things; Nigeria will be great again in no time. If you believe with me as a young aspiring entrepreneurs that Nigeria will be great again. Then say it to someone close to you and let your work correlate with what you claim. In no time Nigeria will be great again if we all do our best at the right time.


Please, tell me what you think about this bike; a good invention though. Good luck great India!!!

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