See How Nigerians Are Making Genuine Money With Bitcoin

Everywhere you turn this year; it seems it is getting harder and harder to get cash from banks. One might even surmise it could be some sort of global conspiracy; things have changed so swiftly and decisively against the use of cash. With the dollar soaring higher in value and the naira shrinking considerably, a lot of attention has been drawn to Bitcoin. A friend of mine told me of his recent experience. He was trying to pay for hosting of his website and the entire Nigerian issued cards he used were not accepted until he tried Bitcoin as a means for payment.

Bitcoin can be considered new in Nigeria. But the arrival of MMM, Zarfund and other Ponzi schemes has made the demands for Bitcoin soar high. Not only have that, a lot of Nigerians that relied on forex for their businesses to function effectively opted for Bitcoin as a means for payment. As dollars is becoming hard to get and with the series of restrictions placed on the availability of dollars by CBN. It is only expected that business owners should look for alternatives. So investing in Bitcoin, either on a short term or long term basis, is what every investment savvy Nigerians should look into.

2016 has been good to Bitcoin, with the price doubling in less than 6 months. Also, the events around the world have had an indelible impact on Bitcoin acceptance around the world, consequently driving the price higher.

One of such event is the Brexit, the vote heard round the world. Now, Brussels, we have a problem. The British Pound also has a problem, and this moves more value and demand into the Bitcoin market. Many started a run on Bitcoin leading up to the referendum vote, as Bitcoin is officially referred to as a “safe haven” even by the mainstream media, however begrudgingly. Bitcoin value rises to over $650 USD.

Likewise, In November, India demonetizes its 500/1000 Rupees, taking keep currency units out of circulation, and Bitcoin demand again explodes, selling Bitcoins for $1000 USD there, and announces all-time records for Bitcoin daily and weekly transactions, and backlogged transactions. India is a cash-based society where over 90% of all purchases are done in cash, and now they have lost their two most popular currency notes, cause death and hardship. LocalBitcoins Bitcoin demand has gone from 4.4 Million Rupees in June to as much as 27 million a week this month.

Are you noticing a pattern here?

And recently, in Italy, the country voted a resounding “No” to Premier Renzi, forcing his resignation, turning its back on the failing globalist’s model, and potentially becoming a sovereign nation once again. This is what is known as a “Domino Effect.”

The next domino to fall? France has their elections coming in 2017, and the tide seems to be well into the Nationalist La Pen’s corner. After the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., the momentum of nationalism is building, and the defectors from the E.U. are making an orderly line for the exits.

You’re probably thinking how these events around the world related to Bitcoin are. Well, that’s a valid question to ask anyway. However, all these events are indications increasing the value of Bitcoin; from my perspective, a rookie in the business world, these would make Bitcoin value to skyrocket enriching a lot of Nigerians. Wouldn’t you rather want to be among?

Personally, I have officially tagged 2017 as year of Bitcoin as the value of 1 Bitcoin would more than double. So, if you’ve not started considering investing in Bitcoin, you’re sitting on a long thing.

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Written By Ola Olajide (A Bitcoin Trader)

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