This is a true life story; so I enjoin you to read with all apt attention. This is an account of my experience few days ago. It was just few days after a major festival (New Year) in my country (Nigeria), and everybody was ready for business as usual. There were lots of things that happened over the festival period; all related to FUN anyway. Lots of money had been spent because I believed Bitcoin was going in my favor; so, I spent recklessly during the festive period!!!!

Although, the incident left me with mix feelings as lucky to have learnt my lesson while on the other side it was painful losing my hard earn money.

 So, How Exactly Do I Lose My Bitcoins?

It all happened on the 5th of January 2017; yes, it’s very recent! I just finish teaching someone how to trade Bitcoin and she was so excited to start her journey to true wealth! So, in other to make things easier for her I transferred my entire trading platform APPS to her Android device to get here started immediately and save her some data (GREATEST MISTAKES SO FAR!!!). This happened at about 5pm that day and at about 1:06am the following day I got a mail requesting me to activate my account where I have my Bitcoins which I blindly clicked on the LINK to activate (remember I already activated the account already because it was the account I kept my Bitcoin).

I was so impatient that I did not think twice before clicking on the link to re-activate my account. Immediately after confirming the mail; the next mail I got was that I have transferred SO SO AND SO to another Bitcoin Wallet Address. I was shocked; so, I quickly reported the act as FRAUD but this could not save me from losing my Bitcoins – remember Bitcoins transactions are irreversible.

So, I patiently wait and monitor the movements of my Bitcoin out of my wallet into another wallet. I saw how all the confirmations were taking place – maybe you don’t know that transactions needed to be confirmed on before Bitcoins are being transferred. The shocking thing was that I was not the only victim; as a matter of fact I saw $1,350 worth of Bitcoins being moved away from someone else’s Bitcoin wallet address – don’t forget Bitcoin transactions are made public; so anybody can see the transactions has it takes place. That was how I lose MY BITCOIN!

The good thing was that I did not lose all my money; click here to see what I did! So, I only lost small portion of small money.

Here Are My lessons:

  1. Don’t ever transfer your FINANCIAL APPS to anybody. Lot must have happened during the transfer; probably the medium we used (Xender) for transferring the APPS was not designed to transfer such sensitive APPS.
  2. Don’t ever click on any link that asks you to perform a repeated action. I mean, if you have activated your account don’t ever click on such link to reactivated your account. I think clicking on the link made me vulnerable! Although, Blockchain has an IP-restriction system. New IP’s aren’t allowed until they have the new link send from Blockchain asking for granting access.

However, I have some things for you to do to avoid being a victim! Click here to learn how to secure your Bitcoin wallet.

I hope this helps someone …


  1. I do not think i like this Bit coin stuff. Anyway the email address with which you acquired your bit coin wallet is tied to your physical address. I am sure that there is not a reason why a fraud such as this could not be traced. the inventor should go back to his drawing board. I am sure this is not spiritism.

    • @David, please what do you mean by this “Anyway the email address with which you acquired your bit coin wallet is tied to your physical address.” I don’t understand you please. Can you prove this claim? Thanks for visiting EARNBASE


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