In Business; Promise Kept is Promise Fulfilled

promiseThe opportunity to increase your revenue by providing excellent customers services cannot be over emphasized. This is because your client expect nothing but an excellence customers service from you and failure to deliver exactly just that is loosing them to your smarter competitors. Loosing one potential customer can be very grievous – not that you lose the revenue alone but also the cost and time wasted on trying to win back your business. Keeping potential customers is far better than winning a new customer. Besides, it cost less to keep a customer that to win a new one.

I know excellent customers service can be very daunting but should never be underestimated. Someone once said, “if we are not servicing our customers just right, and I mean just right, our business is dead.” This is because there are lot of competition in today’s market. You must be ready to play by the rules and think outside the box if you must win the game – learning the rules are not enough.

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Just like every other people; our customers are not different. We all love to deal with people who are trustworthy; our customers also want to work with people they trust and people or business that delivers. If you make a promise, you must do everything that is within your reach to deliver on that promise. It was your word; remember our word is our bound. Your customers expect you to meet your promises – everyone of them – and also in no time.

Customers gain faith slowly and lose faith rapidly. Occasionally, when you miss meeting your promise; your customers will overlook it, if your track record has been solid. While a series of missed promises, is a death sentence for your business. It is clear that you cannot succeed in business breaking promises. If you make a promise to your customers, make sure you keep them.

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