Chemicals For Producing Vaseline

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Petroleum Jelly body cream (Vaseline) is used on the skin to nourish the skin and help protect it against the harsh environmental conditions that might prevail. It helps the skin to maintain a good and uniform tone. No wonder, everybody uses one form of body cream or the other every day. This implies that anybody who goes into body cream production is sure making lots of money within the shortest period of time.


Materials Needed For Making Petroleum Jelly:

  • Paraffin wax (1/8 slab): This helps to holds the mixture together
  • Petroleum jelly (3kg): This is a nourishing agent that helps to thicken and hold the Vaseline together
  • Micro wax (1/16 slab): This helps your Vaseline to stick together
  • Paraffin oil (5 liters): This is the oil that helps to reduce thickness of Vaseline since water is not needed in the production it has a healing and a nourishing ability
  • Perfume oil (100ml): It give the smell you desire
  • Colour is optional

Equipment Needed For Making Petroleum Jelly:

  • Gas Burner or Fire Wood (this is better over stove because; it’s faster than stove)
  • Stainless Steel Pot
  • Turning Stick
  • Rubber Spoon
  • Knife (for cutting of wax)
  • Weighing Scale
  • Measuring Cup
  • Packaging Material


  • Mix your perfume: I know some experts will be angry with me telling you this but I care less. Honestly, this is one of the things that distinguishes your products from every other products and you don’t expect me to tell you my perfume formula!
  • Label: get a clear and simple label that says all about the products.


Step 1: Get you Gas Burner or Fire Wood ready

Step 2: Place the Stainless Pot on the Gas burner or Fire wood

Step 3: Put the Paraffin Wax (1/8) into the Stainless pot

Step 4: Put the Petroleum Jelly (3kg) into the Stainless pot on the Gas burner and stir properly until it’s all well blended

Step 5: Get an empty bowl and put 4 liters of Paraffin Oil into it (keeping 1 liter)

Step 6: Now Pour the Stainless Pot contents or mixture “Paraffin Wax and Petroleum Jelly” into the Bowl containing the 4 liters of Paraffin Oil and stir properly.

Step 7: Add perfume and stir properly

Step 8: Now take a small piece of the mixture into a cup and pour water so that the body cream will float; then feel the floated body cream to see if it’s soft or hard enough. If it’s too harsh; them add the remaining 1 liter of paraffin oil else keep the paraffin oil for future use.

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