Chemicals For Making Original Dettol (5 Liters)

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The importance of Dettol in our home and offices can not be over emphasis that is why it is important you empower your self with this skill.

Aside from the above reason; there is an increase in the rate at which fake products are being produced in Nigeria every now an then. That is another reason why you should buy your chemicals from EarnBase. We give you original chemicals in the right measurement.


Chemicals Use In Dettol And Their Function

1.Texapon: Texapon is a detergent that forms micelles which allows non polar substance like oils to be dissolved in water. It is a foaming agent!

2.Phenol: Phenol is an aromatic compound classified as an alcohol and it is colorless and has sweet smell. Phenol is used in low concentration as a disinfectant in household Dettol and also in mouthwash.

3.Chloroxylenol:  This is one of the Major chemical in the production of DETTOL. It is the antibacterial in Dettol that kills germs and reduce inflammation.

CAUTION!!! You have to be careful when using this chemical as it can cause swollen face, skin peeling, skin irritation and many other unwanted health hazard. Please, you are advised to seek medical attention if you are feeling any funny.

4.I.P.A(Isopropyl Alcohol): Here is another important chemical in Dettol production. I.P.A is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with strong smell, it contain antiseptic effects which gives Dettol the ability to kill bacteria and fungi especially when used for wound cleansing.

5.Pine oil: Pine oil is an antiseptic and disinfectant substance with a pleasant smell. Pine oil helps you to get a cloudy liquid when diluted in water (Cloudy liquid is what you get when you use a drop of Dettol in water).

6.Carbolic Acid: Carbolic acid is a sweet-smelling clear liquid that is added to many different products such as household products, it serves as an antiseptic and disinfectant and is very poisonous when taken.

7. Dettol Colorant: This is the color that gives you that brownish Dettol color. It should be added as desired!

8. Water: You will need water. Oh, the explanation of water? A substance without Enemy (Fela Anikulapo Kuti said so) lol Anyway, water is used as a solvent.

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Measurement Of Chemicals Needed For 5 Liters Of DETTOL

  • Texapon —————————1/8
  • Phenol —————————– 1/8
  • Chloroxylenol ——————— 1/4
  • I.P.A (Isopropanol) —————- 3 Liters
  • Pine oil —————————-1/4
  • Carbolic acid ———————-1/8
  • Colorant —————————As desired.
  • Water ——————————1 liter

If you want top produce 10 Liters double the measurement. I hope you get the trick?

Step By Step Guide In Producing DETTOL

Step 1: Pour the Texapol into an empty bowl

Step 2: Add the Pine oil and stir properly 

Step 3: Add Phenol and stir properly 

Step 4: Add Chloroxylenol and stir properly

Step 5: Add the Carbolic Acid and stir properly

Step 6: Pour the right amount of water and stir it very well

Step 7: Add IPA and stir very well

Step 8: Dissolve the color in water and mix it properly before adding to content.

Note: Color should be the last ingredient to be dded.

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Instructions On How To Use DETTOL

  • Dettol is for external use only Do not use – in the eyes – over large areas of the body.
  • Do not use undiluted product
  • Clean the affected area
  • Dilute small quantity in water
  • Apply to affected area

CAUSION!!! Dettol can be a very harmful product, it could cause lethal toxicity and it is poisonous when intentionally inhale; always read the instructions before using it. Dettol is also toxic to many animals especially cats as a result of phenol content.

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