How To Produce Quality Face Pimples or Rashes Killer

Recently I went to the market with a friend to buy some foodstuffs as soon as we packed, I noticed some market women, flexing with us – brother, come and buy fish o o o, brother come and buy palm oil, brother come and buy this and that. Trust me now, like a true Lagosian; I also compliment their gestures. We went straight into the market, and promised them to back and but from them, which we did – we don’t break promises. So, when we were ready to leave, one of them said; we thought you will buy more than 25 liters of oil, with all this your American look. Lol So, if you want to look fresh like me; sit up! As I’m going to share with you an old secret to killing face pimples and rashes.

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Ingredients Needed With Measurement

  1. Wax ——————————————————— 1/8
  2. Petroleum Jelly ——————————————- 1/4
  3. Paraffin Oil ————————————————- 1/4
  4. Menthol —————————————————– a sachet
  5. Metica ——————————————————- (1/8) or 30 mil
  6. Peppermint ————————————————— (1/8) or 30 mil
  7. Phenol ——————————————————– (1/16) 15 mil
  8. Sulphur ——————————————————- As desired
  9. Titanium —————————————————- As desired

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Function of each ingredient

  • Wax helps to solidify the product
  • Petroleum Jelly give the product a smooth touch
  • Paraffin Oil also gives a smooth touch
  • Menthol, Metica, Peppermint gives Minty effect
  • Phenol cures rashes
  • Sulphur is a natural cure for rashes and skin diseases
  • Titanium gives the product the whitish color

Steps In Producing Quality Face Pimple or Rashes Killer

Note: Don’t allow too much of heat. The purpose of the heat is just to melt the ingredients; so they can mix properly.

Step 1: Get a burner e.t gas cooker, stove or traditional burner

Step 2: Get a pot the burner with an average heat

Step 3: Light the burner, and place the empty pot on it

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Step 4: Put the Wax in the pot and allow it to melt

Step 5: Put the Petroleum Jelly in the same pot

Step 6: Now, pour the Paraffin Oil in the same pot

Step 7: Then followed by the Menthol, Metica, and Peppermint

Step 8: Pour the Phenol in the same pot

Step 9: Grind the Sulphur into a powdered form, and pour it into the same pot (try with a small quantity of a teaspoon)

Step 10: Finally, add the Titanium to get the desired whitish color


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